Saxx Movember and New Holiday Print

Each Movember, Saxx takes a break from its own amazing story and opens its hearts and ears to all the brave men who have their own story to tell. “We make life-changing underwear,” says Tim Bartels, the CEO of Saxx. And within each of those changed lives often resides other life-changing events, such as suicide, […]

Bottoms Underwear Look Great on You; Better on Your Girlfriend

A man’s underwear is not just the base layer to his trousers. It is the foundation of his walk, talk, stance, silhouette, and charm. Think about it – a bad pair of underwear can make you hot, sweaty, itchy, grumpy, and induce the likely hood of being caught doing the chicken dance (a.k.a. trying to […]

SAXX Stache Boxer Briefs = Awesome + A Good Cause

Have you noticed any extra stubble on your friends face’s lately? They are probably getting ready for Movember. Yeah, time flies, doesn’t it? Well, SAXX is also getting a jump start to the month with their announcement of joining the Movember Foundation in a collaborative effort to spread the word about men’s health. And what […]

SVELTE By Sully – A Month’s Worth of Workouts in a Single UnderShirt

I’m not about to tell you to slather on the potato chips and television in exchange for an undershirt. But sometimes life gets a little hectic, the daily workouts slip to weekly (then monthly) and before you know it – you’ve packed on 10 extra pounds. And you know what really sucks about that? Even […]

Ken Block is the New Face of Saxx Underwear

Ken block is one of the most awesome men we know. He’s been the face behind our favorite Spy sunglasses; he’s taught us how to ice skate and drift like a man—and this month he is demonstrating how to model underwear like one. “I never once in my life thought that I’d be an underwear […]

Second To None – How Saxx Plans To Revolutionize Men’s Underwear

You’ve grown up with the same underwear all your life. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. They fit pretty good, offer decent softness and serve their purpose. There should really be no reason to complain (or change)—other than the fact that SAXX has been busy making them look bad for the past couple years, […]

Get the Style Women Love

What do women really want to see you in? Well, we did the research for you, and have come up with a few simple tips to make sure your first date wardrobe is always woman approved. After all, who would you most want to impress on a first date—your friends or a sexy lady? We […]

Men, Drop Your Briefs And Impress More Women

To clarify, we’re not recommending that you drop your briefs on the street corner like Freddy Fairhair, but rather to drop them in the nearest trash receptacle and get yourself something a lot more fashionable—like a pair of designer boxers or boxer briefs. And if you think that boxers do not have much influence over […]

Man’s Boldest Accessory Is His Underwear – Don’t Blow it

What is one of the first articles of clothing you see in the morning, and also one of the last your partner will see before… ahem, going to bed? Give up? Alright, it’s your underwear. And have you looked at them lately? Because they might be in pretty bad shape. There is a myth suggesting […]

How to be a Man and Buy Your Own Underwear

It’s that time again. That time when mom’s, wives, and girlfriends (and guys that want girlfriends) buy undergarments to keep him (or themselves) clean, dignified, presentable, and comfortable. There are only two distinct groups of men who will will be buying their own underwear this summer. The guys who want girlfriends, and the ones who […]