Second To None – How Saxx Plans To Revolutionize Men’s Underwear


You’ve grown up with the same underwear all your life. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. They fit pretty good, offer decent softness and serve their purpose. There should really be no reason to complain (or change)—other than the fact that SAXX has been busy making them look bad for the past couple years, and nobody ever bothered to let you know.

But that’s where we come in.

Ergonomic pouches and breathable fabric—that sounds like a pretty good start to a pair of quality underwear. Yeah, but that’s only a start. If that is all you have going on underneath your daily wear, you are only getting half the support you need.

Let’s get a little graphic here. If you were to put apricots in a pair of boxers, what would happen? They’d fall out. If you were to put them in a standard high performance brief, they’d stay put for a little while until you started to jostle them around a little bit.


However, if we put a couple apricots in a pair of SAXX Vibe everyday underwear (above), we could swing them around over our head, and those apricots are not going to go anywhere. That is the brilliance behind its unique pouch.


We’ve reviewed a lot of underwear over the past few years, and no matter how well designed they are, they usually require at least some ‘adjustment’ to gather all your bits into the pouch. And then if anything goes wrong (God forbid), you have to do the ‘grab and tug’ to put things back in place.

Think about it—the only real technology keeping your own apricots in place right now is how well they fit against your thighs. And I don’t know about you, but that seems like putting a whole lot of confidence in the unknown.

Here’s a solution:


We were invited to sample a pair of SAXX Vibe underwear, and we jumped at the chance. And of course after we jumped, we had to do a brief grab and tug to put ourselves back together, but all that was about to change.

We’ve been sampling these underwear for a month and we couldn’t be happier with their design, quality and comfort. There is little room for error with these. They go right on, all your stuff falls into place and you go on with your day. There is no problem with chaffing, rubbing or pinching.

In fact, we unanimously agree that you kind of forget you are even wearing underwear. And while this may also be true with some quality pairs of boxers, the difference is that SAXX offers a lot more support (remember the apricots).


We wanted to know what kind of voodoo was used to make these so darn comfortable, so we asked the SAXX CEO, Tim Bartels, to tell us hands down, blunt and honest; no political correctness necessary… what makes these better than all the other brands?

CEO Tim BartelsWe make life-changing underwear. It’s what we hear from guys over and over again and we’re truly humbled every time someone reaches out to tell us so. Every pair features a combination of technology and premium fabric that makes them the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made. But to get right down to it, our patented internal mesh panels are what changed the underwear game. Combined with our ergonomic design, the level of comfort our internal mesh panels offer is what separates us from the competition—and keeps your boys separated from your legs. Our original tag line was “Balls and Legs need time apart,” an issue all guys have faced at some point. SAXX solves this issue and together with our premium, soft, moisture wicking fabrics, we offer an unparalleled wearing experience.”

Tim seemed to know a lot about men’s underwear, so we decided to ask him a few more questions.

Urbasm: How many pairs of underwear does a man really need to stay clean and comfortable in the modern world?

Tim Bartels: For the average guy, you’re okay with a baker’s dozen at a minimum. But for guys who are more active or busy, we recommend 24 pairs. SAXX has you covered for whatever your activity is, whether that’s sports, running, working out, or just chilling.

Urbasm: We’ve read that women buy the majority of a man’s underwear. Is that still true from your own observations?


Tim Bartels: That’s still true. Women make more than half of men’s underwear purchases, but it’s changing. Guys are more conscious about what they wear these days – from the inside out – because they’re realizing there are products out there like ours that can really improve your day-to-day life. For a long time guys have settled for low-quality underwear made of low-quality materials. There’s still a lot of that out there, but guys know they don’t have to settle anymore, not with products like SAXX.

Urbasm: Is there a difference between the underwear women prefer to see on their men, and the type men choose for themselves?

Tim Bartels: We build products that make guys feel confident. Ladies want to see their guys looking sexy (definitely no different than what guys want to see their girl wearing). No woman wants to see their guy wearing tighty whities. And men want to look good and feel great. We hear from women all the time who love to see their guy sporting their SAXX.

Urbasm: Does underwear have an expiration date? We’ve known guys that have owned underwear for a decade without changing them out. There must be some point when a new pair will offer more support and comfort?

Tim Bartels: Eventually with any piece of clothing the material will start to breakdown through normal wear and tear and multiple washings. We recommend for maximum comfort to have plenty of pairs and rotate them in your drawer. If you have a few that you wear over and over, change them out after a year.

Urbasm: You have so many styles of underwear to offer a guy it boggles our mind. What styles of SAXX Underwear do you recommend for almost any man to make sure he is ‘covered’ for just about any activity.

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Tim Bartels: Our top three recommendations are Vibe, Ultra, and Kinetic. Materials can really make or break your experience. We don’t compromise on our fabrics. We have fabrics for almost every activity, which is why our collection is so varied. For working out and sports, the Kinetic is our top style. The nylon/spandex blend is breathable and soft, yet hardwearing and perfect for aerobic activities. Guys resoundingly choose our soft viscose fabrics with moisture wicking waistbands. Whether it’s the Vibe’s modern fit and killer prints or our classic Ultra boxer brief, our materials are built for ultimate comfort. Our viscose and modal fabrics are the softest and most comfortable for everyday wear.

Urbasm: What are the ‘three most important things’ that every man should consider before buying his underwear?

Tim Bartels: That’s an easy one. Fit. Fabric. Style. Not necessarily in that order. Fit speaks to comfort. You don’t want them to be loose and baggy or too tight. You also don’t want your drawers to be riding up all day, which is why fit is crucial. Fabric relates to function. What activity are you buying underwear for? If it’s for everyday wear, look for the softest, most comfortable fabrics like viscose, modal in our Platinum line, or premium cotton. If you’re looking to run, play sports or work out in them, look for moisture-wicking materials like the nylon in our Kinetic and Quest lines, polyester in our Pro Elite, or the merino in our Blacksheep. Style is really a personal preference. We’ve got fun, colorful prints and stripes in our Vibe collection and more subtle, chill styles in our other lines like Ultra or 24-Seven.

Urbasm: Can you give us any hints of some possible new innovation (technology, fabrics, etc.) from SAXX coming soon?

Tim Bartels: Not to let too much out of the bag, but we’re really stoked about some great new gear dropping this fall and later in 2016. Developing new and innovative life changing underwear is what we live for and we’re always experimenting with new fabrics and technology. We’re really hyped about expanding into adjacent categories like compression and running. We’re looking to up the ante in a way that could revolutionize the running and training game. Our fans are pretty excited about the products we have delivered to date and we’re super excited about the introduction of some compelling new products in the next 12 months. Stay tuned.

We will Tim, and thanks for all the advice.

To get more details on what makes SAXX second to none, click here.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.