Top Reasons Why Leather Is the Perfect Material for Wallets

Leather is among the most popular types of fabrics. It has a wide range of uses, from shoes to furniture and even clothing pieces like pants and jackets. It is also among the most preferred for accessories like belts, handbags, pouches, and phone cases. But its use in making wallets is perhaps one of the […]

Bad Hacks: Made Good

There is a lot of quality life hacks out there that can really improve (and benefit) your life. But you know what? There are also some really bad hacks that we may not exactly recommend – but nor are we ready to totally dismiss yet, because… there may be a circumstance or two when one of […]

Whiskey On Stones – Personalized Chilling Stones

Peering through the foggy window of your favorite whiskey glass… there is one sight that no man ever wants to see. His Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel being forced down to only one quarter of a barrel due to the science of ice and room temperature liquid. The results cab be unforgiving… catastrophic… and positively unmanly. […]

A Man’s Legacy Should Be Left Behind in a Grand Voyageur Notebook

We’ve talked about a man’s legacy in the past. And one of a man’s greatest gifts to others is, of course, his ideas. However, this got us wondering – if we wanted to collect our most cherished ideas, where would we want to leave them? On a school notebook with a new age Chevrolet Camaro […]

Go-Comb – A Gentleman’s Style Accessory

The Go-Comb. We had never heard of these until we were offered to give one a test drive last month. What you are looking at is basically a 3.25” X 2” stainless steel comb that is also about 0.1 centimeters thick. This is slightly smaller than your average credit card, so it will fit right […]

Allett is a Superb Minimalist Wallet that Gives You a Cute Butt

We at Urbasm could care less about your butt, but tending to its cuteness could certainly offer you some bonus points with the ladies. And perhaps more importantly is the sleek patented design of the Allett, which is so thin—they claim it is the “World’s Thinnest Wallet,” and we can’t really argue with that. But […]

Under The Weather

Like many essentials, a man’s umbrella serves its purpose, but essentials and accessories can be every bit as stylish as well. A handsome umbrella for the discerning gent can help put a spring in your step, even during a downpour. Let it rain! Alexander McQueen Skull handle umbrella   The Alexander McQueen umbrella is certain […]

Timbuk2 Proof Messenger Review – The Last Bag Standing

In the messenger/laptop bag market it is easy to be persuaded by fancy graphics, colors, secret pockets, and material options that you can’t spell, much less pronounce. I know, because I have been persuaded by these low lying fruit for the past 15 years. I was first introduced to the Timbuk2 Proof Messenger bag this […]

Morning Link Dump – Man’s Love of Tech & Gadgets

I’m kind of stupid when it comes to gadgets. -David Duchovny

Not Your Dad’s Flask

Dad had a nippy bottle. A small steel flash that he would produce once in a while, just to “take the edge off” he’d say. It wasn’t until later in life did this make any sense. While we might cite its for medicinal purposes, there are times when this will help to survive the day. […]