Automobiles Fit for Gentleman And Beast

A gentleman is supposed to be sophisticated. But sophistication can refer to a lot of things in life beyond tailored suits, Cuban cigars, and silk underwear. If you weren’t so busy admiring a gentleman’s pristine copy of The 48 Powers of law, you’d probably miss his signed edition of Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Not […]

15 Summer Activities Every Man Should Do

To be a man is a time-honored tradition, but you’re not exactly your grandfather, now are you? While the rules of being a gentleman never change, the activities that give a man purpose and pleasure are forever adapting, expanding, and blossoming into new adventures. And this couldn’t be truer than during the summertime. A man’s earliest […]

A Man’s Legacy Should Be Left Behind in a Grand Voyageur Notebook

We’ve talked about a man’s legacy in the past. And one of a man’s greatest gifts to others is, of course, his ideas. However, this got us wondering – if we wanted to collect our most cherished ideas, where would we want to leave them? On a school notebook with a new age Chevrolet Camaro […]

Morning Link Dump – Endangered Gentlemen

No matter how far you get in life, everyone still deserves your respect. This is why a gentleman should always apologize to a woman when he’s wrong, as she will respect a man who can own up to his mistakes, more than the ones dodge them.

Urban Wine Cellar in a Box

The wine cellar is becoming a dying dream to the urban landscape. This is because the traditional layout takes a large spare area in a basement, a sealed concrete floor, fully insulated ceilings and walls, and a wine cooling system embedded into the wall. Yeah, all that work might not be viable in an apartment […]

Transform Your Bachelor Pad with a Man Candle

When guys used to think of a man candle, the aroma of bacon, sawdust, and beach babe used to be about as tantalizing as it would get. And to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t all that tantalizing. For the serious gentleman who prefers his bachelor pad to maintain the lingering essence of aged […]

Manly Distractions – 5 Rules to Being a Gentleman

Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.” -Luigi Pirandello

Rules of a Gentleman

Gentlemen Pads

Bachelor pads are cool when you are under 25. However, once you’ve graduated to a gentlemen, your tastes will become much more… How should we say — refined.      

Morning Link Dump – July 18, 2013

Being a classy gentleman takes more than good  hygiene, a clean pressed suit, tie, pocket square, and the ability to form a complete sentence while texting. It takes a combination of attitude, style, experience, intuition; plus a little advice from other guys who know what they’re talking about. How to Be A Classy Gentleman – Playboy The […]