Mancessories – A Gentleman’s Guide to Accessories

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Appearance matters, even for guys. You may not have learned this until you were well into your adult life, but it’s never too late to evolve from denim disciple to Dapper Dan. Here’s the guide you need to learn all about mancessories, or accessories for the discriminating gentleman.

Crown Rings


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Thanks to Game of Thrones, legions of consumers obsess over lineage, history, and long-haired Starks. With the right coif and a cool ring, you’ll ooze style. Plus, your ring works as a conversation starter. Select the right one and craft a background for it. Maybe it represents your heritage or your favorite mythology. This accessory and a bit of creative license can score you a lot of dates. Wear it with a Game of Thrones T-shirt to complete the outfit.



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You’ll have to give up the dream of having a sword inside your cane, because they’re technically considered concealed weapons. While there are no federal laws restricting them, many municipalities ban sword canes. Since you’ll never feel more like a boss than when you strut down the street wielding a cane, consider a less lethal version.

There’s a reason that pop culture celebrates the cane. It somehow makes a man look taller, more self-confident, and even a bit powerful. Make sure to wear some sort of overcoat with your cane to feel like you just walked off the set of Black Dynamite.

Smart Watches


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Technology rules the world in 2015. Early adopters hold all the power as arbiters of what’s cool. By putting the dazzlingly powerful LG Watch Urbane on your wrist, you’ll become one of those people. Strangers will come up to you and ask for your opinion about the latest and greatest wearables.

There are other benefits to this smart watch as well. Thanks to push notifications, you’ll have all the information on the Internet available with the swipe of a finger. Plus, if you wear this smart watch with a matching belt, you’ll come across as both stylish and hip. Choose your color carefully when you buy a smart watch, since it’ll drive your other wardrobe choices.

The Right Shoes


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The wrong shoes are everywhere. Finding the right ones is a trickier endeavor. You’ll want to consider how you dress at work as well as how you enjoy your nightlife. If your job demands a suit and tie, you may prefer dressing down at night. In that case, you’ll be in the market for a great pair of sneakers. The best way to define your own style is with Nike ID, the shoe company’s customizable service.

For people whose nightlife revolves around the social scene, dress shoes are a must. Fluevog is the brand of the moment, because the company’s unique design has a modern style with a splash of elegance. Wearing a pair of Fluevogs indicates that you keep up with fashion, an attractive trait to many.

Everyone wants to look the part of fashion icon, and it’s easier to achieve than you realize. Simply shop for these four mancessories, and you’ll dress to impress.


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