Favorite Fall Sunglasses – SPY Malcolm and Whistler


Photo credits: Erica Engels Leech

When we think of Fall, we think of a cool ambiance, bright colors, and accentuating these with a pair of SPY Happy Lens Sunnies. Last month we were introduced to two new designs by SPY, and we absolutely love their cool retro styling, light frames, and vibrant lenses.

And to demonstrate this love, we found a nice patch of trees in the Rocky Mountains at the peak of their color, and we let the sunglasses do the talking for us.

The Whistler Gold


These Whistler Gold sunnies feature some of the most vibrant Happy Lenses we’ve ever experienced. We suspect a portion of their vibrancy comes from its minimalist wire design, which does not take away from the beauty of your surroundings. The color of these “Happy Bronze” lenses really allowed the fall colors to pop, adding to the brilliant show that Mother Nature was already putting on for us.

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The Malcolm


The Malcolm, by SPY  features a slightly chunkier appearance which goes great with a scarf, boots, or your favorite Fall/Winter coat. Their Happy Green/Grey lenses may not pop the color quite like the bronze, but they do a great job of softening the mid-afternoon sun, water reflections, and a forest of sparse shimmering birch trees, making them a quieter and gentler source for your energy and inspiration.

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Your world is really quite beautiful, and if you can’t see that – maybe you’ve been looking at it through the wrong pair of sunglasses.


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