Tough Mudder Vs Old Spice Hardest Working Collection

A Guinea Pig Rolls in the Mud A recent trip to Cincinnati proved I haven’t learned everything there is to know about pork just yet.  Its local industries truly show why “This Little Piggy Went to Market”, underscoring a rich German heritage in the region. Candle-maker, William Procter, and soap impresario, James Gamble, both recycled […]

Old Spice Father’s Day Gift Finder (and Giveaway)

Your Father is the man who birthed you. Well, he may not have exactly been in labor with your body impacted inside his own… but he was likely a very integral part of the entire process of your birth (We’ll spare you the details). He has likely bathed you, pushed you on a swing, beat […]

Old Spice Fresher Collection Gift Kit Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Chad Kennerk. Thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways to come! Men, when was the last time you took your lady on a scent vacation? She can choose between five destinations, including Denali, Fiji, Timber, Amber and Citron—And the good news is… they will all […]

Old Spice Survival Guide – Why Every Man Needs the Fresher Collection

Old Spice recently kicked out their Fresher Collection for us to sample, including three new scents—Timber, Amber and Citron to go along with their other scents, Fiji and Denali. And this stuff smelled so good, we began to brainstorm how we thought it had made us better men since we started using it. And after […]

John Varvatos Makes a Classic Fragrance – And We Like it

I like the man, I dig his clothes; and now I must admit… I am a little obsessed with the way he smells. In the spirit of holiday giving (and because we are DETAILS Network Contributors), DETAILS Magazine sent us a bottle of John Varvatos, the Classic Fragrance for Men. Now, I’m not always down […]

Bleu De Chanel, For the Modern Smelling Man

If we only had room in our medicine cabinet for one manly fragrance, it would have to be Bleu De Chanel ($62). Unlike your traditional spicy concoction, Chanel flavors a man with a masculine blend of aromatic forests, timeless oceans circling with man eating sharks, and foggy mountaintops sparkling with dew. However, don’t just take our word […]