John Varvatos Makes a Classic Fragrance – And We Like it

John Varvatos Fragrance

I like the man, I dig his clothes; and now I must admit… I am a little obsessed with the way he smells.

In the spirit of holiday giving (and because we are DETAILS Network Contributors), DETAILS Magazine sent us a bottle of John Varvatos, the Classic Fragrance for Men.

Now, I’m not always down for the classic smell of wood on a man, but this one has hit the sweet spot with subtle notes of sage, herbs, vanilla and black leather. It is actually quite bold, but not too overpowering… kind of how I prefer my men to be.

The first whiff and I forgot about what I was doing at that moment. Oh yeah, I was smelling this fragrance. The second whiff I wondered if I detected notes of licorice and cinnamon? The third whiff… I was like, Oh John, ‘I wanna do bad things to you’.

Gentleman, get to know the classic essence your women have been missing. Get more info here.

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