3 Men’s Fall/Winter Blazers For Any Occasion

The blazer is an unsung hero among men. It can provide warmth, attitude, a sense of class and charm, the presence of peace and serenity, and the acknowledgment of modern fashion. What makes a blazer so versatile is its independence. A blazer is not directly matched to any pair of pants, so it can literally […]

Men’s Winter Jackets for Double Duty

Winter jackets traditionally have one expectation – to keep you warm. But this is a modern world where we expect our smart devices to be weather stations, fashion gurus, food critics, and companions, so why should we settle for a jacket that can only accomplish one thing? We shouldn’t, and these three jackets will excel […]

3 High Tech, Heavy Duty, Year Round Jackets for Men

A man doesn’t have time to be cold, and he doesn’t have time to thumb through a wardrobe of dozens of jackets just to find the right one for the job. So if you’re a man of function rather than collection you’ve probably been searching for a jacket that has the capability to take you from a […]

2015 Fall/Winter Essentials – Denim, Wool, Leather and a Bomberg Watch

Shreds, patches, texture and lots of attitude – that is what the Fall/Winter of 2015 is all about in our opinion – and the opinions of several rocking manufacturers we’d like to introduce you to. Dirty Denim When you don’t have to wear your wool dress slacks, most men prefer the relaxed feel of a […]

Carhartt – Because Rugged Men Prefer Stylish

I can remember buying Carhartt supplies ten years ago. They were tough, durable, function… but not necessarily what you’d call stylish. However, today’s Carhartt is an entirely different animal. Yeah, it is still tough, durable and functional, but they’ve added the element of fit and finish, which allows the rugged man to blend into the […]

3 Suit Jackets for the Modern Man

Fashion editor, G. Bruce Boyer, once offered a simple suit tip that we will not soon forget: The man who, as is often said, can get away with wearing a trench coat over his dinner jacket, or an old school tie for a belt—is the one who in fact understands best the rules of proper […]

Arc’teryx Fission Jacket – When the Snow Really Hits the Fan

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, we like to consider ourselves prepared for just about anything with our Arc’teryx Fission SV Jacket. It comes with a boat load of trademark warming features, including Coreloft™ insulation, a GORE-TEX® waterproof exterior shell, WaterTight™ Vislon zipper and a DropHood™. Without getting into too much detail, […]

Ben Sherman Goes Carbon on Your Melton Jacket

Some jackets were meant to add style to your urban jaunt, while others are setup for a combination of fashion, practicality, and purpose. Ben Sherman adds strength, durability, and weather resistance to his classic 4-pocket men’s coat by utilizing the dense and compact fabric technology, known as carbon-coated melton. Carbon-coated melton is extremely durable to […]

It’s Cold Outside – Diesel Men’s W-Kirton Jacket

Our friends at Fashion Beans say fur is in, and to that we say, How much? But hey, it doesn’t have to be real, as it is the texture that matters. In fact, we’ve got something that even the conservative guy will like, and this is because it is about as conservative as a young […]

The Tweed Hamish Wool Jacket

Tweed–you just don’t hear a lot of men shopping for this fabric near as often as they should. Especially, as the sun begins to set a little sooner, and the temperature dial begins to dive a little deeper. This Tweed Hamish Wool Jacket by Harris is durable, rugged, warm (100% pure virgin wool), and can […]