3 Men’s Fall/Winter Blazers For Any Occasion

The blazer is an unsung hero among men. It can provide warmth, attitude, a sense of class and charm, the presence of peace and serenity, and the acknowledgment of modern fashion. What makes a blazer so versatile is its independence. A blazer is not directly matched to any pair of pants, so it can literally be paired with everything from jeans to chinos or even shorts.

A blazer can say just about anything you want, depending on its fabric, structure, accessories, and color. And this is the point where the idea of simplicity begins to take a turn and make things sound complicating. But let’s not go there. Let’s keep this simple and just say the possibilities of a well-chosen blazer are endless. And these three Fall/Winter blazers have been deemed by our fashion experts as having excellent possibilities this season.

Hugo Boss Men’s Arthor

Arthor is a man who keeps it chill. He wears a sport coat to the office, out to drinks afterward, and prefers it for most outings on the weekend. Why? Because it is an extension to his character. The detailed lapel and three patch pockets accentuate his casual, classic style. The 100% virgin wool keeps him warm, and the fully lined interior keeps him comfortable. Yeah, we think that any man would get a lot of quality mileage out of this one blazer.

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Ralph Lauren Classic Two Button Blazer

A man’s wardrobe could be based entirely on the two-button blazer, and he could go 365 days without wearing the same outfit twice. It is that versatile. We like this Ralph Lauren classic rendition because it mixes a couple of winter essentials, including 100% wool herringbone/tweed, medium weight (so you don’t have to remove because you’re too hot the minute you get where you’re going), its mix of navy tones, and structured architecture. Take note of the denim jeans, as this is the signature look for this particular blazer.

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Emporio Armani Marrone Blazer

The three staple tones of a Fall/Winter blazer are grey, navy, and a shade of brown. To fill the void, we like this Marrone blazer by Armani. This one is a bit more formal with its lapel collar but will cross the borders between the cooler seasons utilizing its dual back vent and smart blend of 44% virgin wool, 31% cotton, and 8% linen. And we know that combination does not quite equal 100%, but we’re only concerned about the important fabrics, so please forgive us.

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