Marc New York Men’s Boston Lambskin Leather Moto

A lot of leather moto jackets on the market are just too busy as far as I’m concerned. There is something special about a jacket that can pull off this classic rugged look, without the necessity of ‘rugged’ cues, like zippers, belts, chains, multi-colored stripes, and God knows what else. This Marc New York Lambskin […]

USA Team Olympic 2014 Nike 800 Down Jacket

Winter may be starting to taper down, but it certainly is not over yet. In many parts of the world, March and April are the biggest snow months. With this in mind, we present to you these USA Team Olympic Sochi 2014 (XXII) Official 800 Down Jackets. We’re big fans of Nike’s Aeroloft Summit Jacket, […]

Diesel ‘L-Ajuga’ Leather Bomber Jacket

A good bomber jacket is hard to find these days. Especially one with the classic styling of this Diesel ‘L-Ajuga’. This is one of those soft sheep skin leather jackets that women can’t seem to keep their hands off (too bad for you). It features ribbed zipped cuffs, zipper front, and front zip pockets to keep all […]

Diesel ‘Jhupp’ Jacket

“You need a ticket, sir?” asks the airline agent. ‘Jhupp,’ says the soft spoken man. “One passenger?” ‘Jhupp.’ “That’s a kickass jacket,” the agent nods his head in approval. “What is it?” ‘Jhupp,’ the man answers with a smirk. Military jackets are in this year, and what we particularly like about this one is its […]

Got Cold? Get Lacoste Men’s Stand Collar Jacket

The Lacoste 100% nylon Stand Collar Jacket is casual wear with a sporty touch. This one features a full zip closure, zippered pocket openings, Velcro sleeves, bungee neck cord, and a contrasting white mesh liner. It will keep you warm this Fall, but even more importantly–it’ll get the ladies hot. Get it here.

What to Wear On Your Last Day on Earth

According to Hollywood, and a bunch of non-Mayans, the end of the world is coming on December 21, 2012. While it will suck to be dead, we here at Urbasm have decided to go out in style! Here’s how… Typhoons, freezing meteors, and exploding mega volcanoes got you down? You’ll shed some of hell’s wrath […]

4 Coats for the Urban Male

Depending on your style, we’ve got 4 coats that should appeal to most, while adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.   The Billy Reid Bond Pea Coat is an essential for every guy, made of 100% wool, it’s also worn by 007 in SkyFall. Find it online here.   The Woolrich Woolen Mills Maine […]