What Every Man Needs to Know About His Only Pair of Casual Pants/Shorts

According to Zach Falconer-Barfield, of the Perfect Gentleman Tour, every man needs one pair of casual pants. We talk about 14 items that every man should have in his closet including one navy suit; two white formal shirts; two blue formal shirts, one dark sports jacket/blazer; one pair of black formal shoes; one pair of […]

Carhartt – Because Rugged Men Prefer Stylish

I can remember buying Carhartt supplies ten years ago. They were tough, durable, function… but not necessarily what you’d call stylish. However, today’s Carhartt is an entirely different animal. Yeah, it is still tough, durable and functional, but they’ve added the element of fit and finish, which allows the rugged man to blend into the […]

Five Minute Lesson on Dressing Dapper

Dressing dapper is at art form that can take years to master. You must consider everything from the fit, fabric, style, knot, pocket square, and shoes to create the ultimate look of a gentleman. However, Custommade.com has fit all these lessons into one infographic and about 5-minutes of your time. via Custommade.com

Five First Date ‘Style’ Deal Breakers

Before you head out on a first date, most guys have a checklist of the things they don’t want to forget: Deodorant–check Underwear–changed Breath–minty fresh However, there are a few important things that most every guy SHOULD leave at home, such as… Your Guy Clothes– The modern man should have two wardrobes. This is because […]

What to Wear On Your Last Day on Earth

According to Hollywood, and a bunch of non-Mayans, the end of the world is coming on December 21, 2012. While it will suck to be dead, we here at Urbasm have decided to go out in style! Here’s how… Typhoons, freezing meteors, and exploding mega volcanoes got you down? You’ll shed some of hell’s wrath […]

Burning Rubber, Flaming Britches

The clothing designer, Ksubi, has released a new campaign for their popular line of jeans for men and women. The idea behind the smoking tires and flaming (colorful) britches, comes from the Australian film director, Daniel Askill, who is best known for his award winning short film, We Have Decided Not To Die (2003), shown […]