Grindhouse – The Art of Urban Street Denim

Making a strong urban fashion statement as a man is never inexpensive. A Sunspel polo will cost you over $100. A pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers… $90. Artisan street jeans – well, those are averaging at anywhere from $200 to $350, depending on the brand. And while we have no problem spending extra […]

2015 Fall/Winter Essentials – Denim, Wool, Leather and a Bomberg Watch

Shreds, patches, texture and lots of attitude – that is what the Fall/Winter of 2015 is all about in our opinion – and the opinions of several rocking manufacturers we’d like to introduce you to. Dirty Denim When you don’t have to wear your wool dress slacks, most men prefer the relaxed feel of a […]

Norman Russell – The Best Artisan Denim Jeans I’ve Worn All Year

Check out these Hammer Straight Venice Wash selvedge denim jeans by Norman Russell. We received a sample to try out last month and I absolutely love their soft comfortable fit and delicately worn finish. These have become my exclusive favorite jeans since I received them. I had a pair of ‘favorite’ jeans I had to […]

Self Edge – Where The Lost Art of Denim Manufacturing is Rediscovered

Self Edge is a brand of men’s clothes that believes a man’s denim should be as charismatic as his walk, watch, and hand shake. They do everything the vintage way, with the authentic machines of the ’30s and ’40s, which in the case of denim means it involves a bit more passion, patience and tenacity… […]

Men’s Style Tips from Personal Stylist, Kami Gray

Kami Gray is a personal stylist in Portland, Oregon. She has worked with an impressive client list, including Nike and Audi. We asked Kami to tell us the three things that every guy should know about his style, and this is what she had to say: 1. Do Denim Right: Men should ditch the Dad […]

Affordable Luxury Denim

Putting yourself into a pair of luxury jeans takes no less than a lot of green.A Kickstarter project, Gustin, is looking for some good legs, and here’s how they plan on finding them. They reached out to the average guy, asking him how he’d feel about spending $81 on a pair of jeans? He said, […]

Men’s Scratch-n-Sniff Denim Jeans for Valentines Day

Naked & Famous Denim wants itchy guys to smell like a raspberry candy pop. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, comes a new twist on an old gimmick. These scratch-n-sniff denim jeans have a thin coating of fragrance micro-capsules baked into the denim material. When they are rubbed by curious hands, the capsules break open, and the fresh smell […]