What Your Valentine’s Gift Says About You?

  Gift-giving is a common practice on Valentine’s Day. You’ve got your standard dozen roses, love coupons, chocolate box, heart-shaped balloons, and both cheap and pricey jewelry. But do you really know what any of that is saying about who you are as a man? Today, we are going to explain exactly the message you […]

The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Lower Expectations For Next Year

Have you found the one? Or at least the one for now? Then you must recognize your worst enemy this Valentine’s Day: Hope. Hope is that glimmer in your girl’s eye when she sees a deliveryman appear in her office doorway with two dozen long stemmed roses and for a second thinks they could be […]

Valentine’s Day Prank – The Proposal

If you think you had a bad Valentine’s, imagine how it would feel to get a bouquet of roses thrown in your face after a heartfelt proposal. Now, imagine how you’d feel if you were only watching it. Yeah, pretty awkward, right?

Schedule Some Business Time For Valentine’s Day

Some call it baking cookies, afternoon delight, spearing the bearded clam, yodeling in the valley, or doing the humpty dance. For the Flight of the Conchords, it’s just straight up “Business Time”.

What If the Roles Were Reversed On Valentine’s Day?

Well, one thing we all can probably agree on is that most women would not know how to give a guy a red laced thong and succeed at getting him to prance around to the tune of “I want to sex you up“. Here are a few other scenarios we could probably count on if […]

A Recipe for Valentines Day Romance

The kitchen has numerous ingredients and gadgets that can be used for a romantic getaway on Valentines Day. Some guys travel far and wide to give their girl a special day. However, all one needs to have is a little imagination, trust, sense of humor, and maybe even a set of rubber sheets. This is […]

Valentine’s Day Sex Guide

What should a guy want for Valentines Day? Perhaps a box of chocolate? Candy heart? Pink rose? Hell no, you want sex, and lots of it! Let’s see if we can help you out with that… If your Valentine is a little shy, you might be able to get the devil to come out by giving […]

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Her Lingerie

Flash back ten years ago, and the relationship experts were all talking about how impressed your girlfriend would be if you buy her lingerie for Valentines Day. Well after a decade of making that mistake, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Women don’t appreciate lingerie as much as you think, and […]

Men’s Scratch-n-Sniff Denim Jeans for Valentines Day

Naked & Famous Denim wants itchy guys to smell like a raspberry candy pop. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, comes a new twist on an old gimmick. These scratch-n-sniff denim jeans have a thin coating of fragrance micro-capsules baked into the denim material. When they are rubbed by curious hands, the capsules break open, and the fresh smell […]