A Recipe for Valentines Day Romance


The kitchen has numerous ingredients and gadgets that can be used for a romantic getaway on Valentines Day. Some guys travel far and wide to give their girl a special day. However, all one needs to have is a little imagination, trust, sense of humor, and maybe even a set of rubber sheets.

This is an introductory recipe for you to try in the bedroom that is guaranteed to be a lot of fun. As the designated chef, your first duty is to request a night just for the two of you without the kids, roommate, dogs, grandparents, etc. Pick a night where you both will be able to relax and not have to worry about time or waking early the next morning. All they will need to know is that they are getting a special dinner prepared especially for them by you, and to set aside the entire night for the occasion.

Plan a light dinner that you will both enjoy. Summer salad is one of my personal favorites for this occasion. It consists of a lettuce-lined plate with cold pre-cooked chicken, grapes, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, apples, kiwi, and any other fruit that meets your fancy. Top this off with a creamy orange sauce made with one cup of vanilla yogurt mixed with a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. Finish off with a little wine or sparkling cider.

Set up a romantic, fun, and picnic style atmosphere in your bedroom. Go ahead and use paper plates and plastic cups. This will help simplify clean up, and leave plenty of time for the fun. When you are both finished with the meal, have some pleasant conversation while letting the food settle, and then clear off the bed, and offer your mate a massage.

There a couple of items you will need to have pre-prepared in your picnic basket to properly complete this romantic picnic outing. You will need a fresh box of cornstarch and several kitchen utensils of your choice. We’re talking egg whips and/or beaters, dough roller, meat tenderizer, potato masher, salad spoons, sauce brushes, etc. Just let your imagination go wild, and keep in mind that you will be using these to pleasure your partner; NOT tenderize them!

The most important ingredient for this segment of the evening is the cornstarch. The feel of cornstarch on the body is like liquid silk. Go ahead and try a few drops on yourself, and you will see what we mean. Just a few splashes of this cool tingly powdered elixir onto their skin are guaranteed to cause a few titillating giggles right off the bat. Give your mate a gentle massage using the cornstarch, and when your mate is loose and relaxed, break out the kitchen toys and have a little fun massaging them with these.

Please remember to be kind and pre-warm any metal utensils that might send them to the ceiling with their freezing cold touch. Some of your utensil choices will cause a lot of laughter and giggles; while others may feel pretty damn good. When you have both had your fill with the utensil massaging, it is time to pull out the next ingredients, which are “oldies but goodies.” When I say goodies, I am talking about a nice selection of various icings, chocolates, whip cream, colored sprinkles, peppermint oil, maraschino cherries, etc. Go ahead and get really creative. Your fun and enjoyment will only be accentuated with the most vivid and playful of imaginations.

Take turns decorating each other and then licking off the artwork. This is where those rubber sheets, or at least an old sheet or blanket really come in handy. This leaves a pretty good mess, and the last thing you want to be on you or your mates mind tonight is Aunt Betsy’s quilt she knitted five Christmas’ ago. One thing is for sure; when you are finished, you and your sweet are going to be even more sweet… and sticky to boot.

With this in mind, this final ingredient should not seem quite so unheard of… buttermilk. Step in your bathtub and give you and your mate a room temperature buttermilk shower; or in other words, pour a carton or two over each other as you make love. A tip for you guys or gals who are not as kitchen savvy: DO NOT microwave the buttermilk, or warm much over room temperature otherwise it will curdle. And speaking from experience; stinky clumps of cottage cheese substance poured on each other is not a romantic end to the evening, but rather a humorous one.

The rest we leave up to you… Happy Cooking!

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.