3 Suit Jackets for the Modern Man


Fashion editor, G. Bruce Boyer, once offered a simple suit tip that we will not soon forget:

The man who, as is often said, can get away with wearing a trench coat over his dinner jacket, or an old school tie for a belt—is the one who in fact understands best the rules of proper dress and can bend them to suit his own personality and requirements.”

And here are three suit jackets for the modern man who prefers to bend those rules… in all the right ways.


The Canvassed Gray Wool


The traditional men’s jacket was tailored in a canvassed construction, which allowed the jacket to hold its shape, while also conforming to your body over time. It also drapes on a man’s body with a much cleaner and neater appearance than today’s over processed fused jacket. There are several designers who still make jackets with this old-fashioned construction, and Brooklyn Tailors does it in a classic Super 120S that is hand-made, 100 percent Italian wool and very affordable. Wear this one with only the top button fastened for the ultimate in modern classic appeal.

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The Stealth


The modern man is active. His suit should be made from the highest quality materials, and be up to par to handle whatever comes his way—from a run-in with the boss, to just a flat out run to catch the taxi driver who just drove off with his presentation note cards. The Stealth Jacket by Ministry of Supply is resistant to water and infrared rays. This not only keeps you dry in the spring, but also cool in the summer. It features 4-way stretch technology, and with something this good, you might as well spring for the entire suit.

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The Wool Check Blazer

N.Hoolywood Check Blazer

Every gentleman needs an opportunity to say farewell to the work week in style and express his colors with class. The wool check sport coat allows a man to get a little crazy with his color and undershirt choices, and the check pattern literally helps to pull any tendency to overdo it back into ‘check’. A sharp raspberry colored cashmere sweater on top of an pair of old roughed up denim jeans is no match for the super neutrality of this N. Hoolywood Check Blazer.

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And while you should always make your best effort to buy a suit that fits as close as possible, your favorite tailor can make the necessary tweaks to make any great suit even better. Even the shabbiest of men will look well put together in a properly fitted suit.


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