Down Filled Urban Coats for the Man About Town

The down jacket is equivalent to the leather bomber for any man who lives in an urban dwelling fit for a polar bear. We’re talking about cold; really cold. The kind of weather that may make you worry less about style, and more about salvaging your frozen limbs so that they can make it through another […]

It’s Cold Outside – Diesel Men’s W-Kirton Jacket

Our friends at Fashion Beans say fur is in, and to that we say, How much? But hey, it doesn’t have to be real, as it is the texture that matters. In fact, we’ve got something that even the conservative guy will like, and this is because it is about as conservative as a young […]

Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Black Label’ Pea Coat

April showers bring new opportunities to look good in a Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Black Label’ Pea coat. These coats are 100 percent cotton, and feature a slim fit and oversized collar. The button-down and two-pocket front will keep you together, while the 100 percent nylon lining  will help you stay dry and comfortable through the […]

Michael Kors Burlingame Field Coat

This wool blend military-inspired coat is not only capable of tackling sub zero temperatures, but features an inner knit zipper bib that will give you a second barrier from the wind, while offering a unique layered appearance. A standing collar, passants, and contrasting lining round out the features on this classic field coat by Michael […]

Men’s Expedition Parka by Canada Goose

If you’ve ever noticed those guys who like to stand around in the Arctic, you’ve probably also noticed that they are most always wearing something like this Expedition Parka by Canada Goose. This one features a 195 gram artic tech shell and Coyote fur ruff for maximum protection from the elements. There are more pockets […]