Thync Wearable Tech Makes Your Brain Tingle

The human brain is an amazing workhorse. It consumes 20 percent of your energy each day. In laymen terms, this is approximately enough energy to power a 20-watt appliance. Considering that the brain uses energy to function, it is not a stretch to assume that electrical pulses sent through the brain in strategic places could […]

Wearable Tech – High Performance Fashion from Head to Toe

Everything from your socks to your eye goggles can provide feedback towards a better lifestyle, but this means very little to most people unless they can have their style and wear it too. Your fashion statement is amplified by how you feel in your clothes. So if your wardrobe can suggest you feel as healthy […]

Sexy HP MP Chronowing Watch – And It’s Digital Too

We would not consider a good portion of ‘smart’ watches to be all that smart. Especially when they leave off the part where a man’s watch is supposed to be handsome, rugged, and stylish. The MB Chronowing does not come with a full color digital layout or touchscreen capability, but it has class, charisma, and […]

Fitness Tech You Need To Know

We’ve been considering upgrading our gym wardrobe for the holiday season. Because to tell the truth, many of us still own those neon short-shorts with the white stripes on the sides, along with the matching neon tank tops. But rather than working to make the fashion statement of ‘looking sporty’, we’d rather our fashion work […]

The New Wearable Tech From Apple

Rumors are finally put to rest as we get a first look at the new iWatch from Apple. Does it live up to the hype? Read More to find out.