Tego Audio Nova Mini Speaker Still Rocks

The Urbasm team tries to stay on the cusp of new developments in sound, but occasionally something gets past us, like this Tego Audio Nova Wireless Mini Speaker. We received one of these a few weeks ago, and after comparing it to all the other speakers we had lying around—we’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Dreadnought – Because The Ultimate Shave Requires the Ultimate in Tools

Recently we took the Dreadnought challenge. Well, they didn’t really challenge us to anything. It was more like we challenged ourselves to see if the tools really mattered that much when it comes to a great shave. We’re simple modern guys, who are minimalists in practice. We shave with electric razors, and when they finally […]

When at a Loss for Words – Get Your Qwyrk On

Messaging each other with words of wisdom and inspiration is what social media is all about (at least a portion of it). But how many ways can you say, congratulations, good job, or “win one for the zipper”, before it starts to lose some of its original expression and intent? At one time, emoticons were […]

ManCave Originals – The Giftbox to Give to Yourself

Urbasm has been found guilty of begging. There are not many times that we’ve actually begged to review a product, but when it came to ManCave, we put our pride behind us and humbly asked if we could sample some of their grooming products that we’ve heard so much about. Several e-mails later, a little […]

Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers with a Rocki WiFi Media Player

Good things do occasionally come in interesting packages, and the Rocki wifi streaming media player is one of them. It is about the length of a credit card, maybe just a bit thicker than the key remote on your vehicle, and looks like a figure from your 8th grade Geometry class. It also comes with […]

Barrington – An Affordable Watch Winder Without Compromise

Gentleman, gather around, as we are about to get a little personal with your time piece. So, when was the last time you spent some real quality time with it? You know, took some time to wine’d and dine it? The watch aficionado spends quite a bit of time with his watches. But you only […]

Grovemade Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

Back in May, we reviewed the Grovemade iPhone dock and absolutely loved it. This month we have the ultimate accessory to go along with that dock. It is an iPhone case made of (you guessed it) 100% wood. Now, I will admit that I am guilty of having purchased many plastic and silicone cases over […]

Spy Happy Lens Sunglasses – The Hennepin/Bleeker Review

A good pair of sunglasses may never mean the same to me again, and I owe this changed point of view to wearing a pair of Spy Happy Lens sunglasses for a period of several weeks. However, before I get to my story, let me ask you a question. What is the true value of […]

Scooting through the Southeast on an EcoReco

As a child of the 90’s, I was heavily involved with a Razr scooter gang back in the day.  The EcoReco Electric Scooter takes that same platform and gives it a fresh, eco-friendly update.  The sleek, all black look is also helpful in giving it a more age appropriate appeal to adults. I first tested […]