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Trinity In-Ear Headphones on Kickstarter

This week we were nudged towards the direction these Trinity in-ear headphones on Kickstarter, and they do look pretty impressive. These are super tiny, with the lower model, the Hyperion, being just a smidgen larger than the tip of a pen and weighing in at only 2.0 grams (pictured below). Stepping up to a few […]

IWC Portugueser 75th Anniversary Watch – Going Back to Their Roots

IWC is offering up a 75th anniversary Portugueser watch, and while it is a brand new edition—you sure could have fooled us. This is because it features their classic railroad track dial and domed crystal case. It is a full 43-millimeters, which is the exact specifications seventy-five years ago. It is being called the “Hand-Wound […]

Cadillac V-Series Vs. BMW Vs. Quattro Vs. AMG – The Battle Begins

What battle? Well, all you need to do is look at some of the evidence. President, Johan de Nysschen, plans on launching a minimum of eight new Cadillac V-Series models per decade, which rounds out to about one per year. The V-Series Cadillac will be dumping their large displacements in favor of technology. In other […]

Ken Page on Sex, Hooking Up and Why Deeper Dating is Better

Us men are all about the hunt; meeting women and getting the biggest bang for our efforts. And who could blame us… isn’t that what bachelor life is all about? But you know what your ‘Game’ is likely missing? A happy ending (and not the type your thinking). We’re talking about finding a woman who […]

3 Emerging Fashion Trends in Men’s Eyewear

Men’s glasses have always tended to be; well, pretty boring. While we always love a classic black frame or a simple pair of metal rims, who says girls have to have all the fun? In the last few years, men’s eyewear has gone fashion-forward in a big way, and there are a lot of great […]

Business Wetsuits – Go From The Boardroom To The Beach

Style is something that follows you, wherever you might be. Should that place be the beach, now you can remain dapper with a business wetsuit. Everything right down to the tie is made from 2mm neoprene and available in three styles; Office Smart, Casual Friday, and Party Tuxedo. Admit it, you’ll never look this good while trying […]

Bespoke Post Monthly Boxes – Because Every Man Seeks Improvement

We’re man enough to admit that there are a lot of things we don’t know. But we’re also not about to settle for that. You know something? We used to think that those monthly box clubs were just an easier way to get more man stuff at a good price. But we were wrong. We’re […]

How a Man Should Organize His Prized Posessions

As a man, you’ve got a lot of things to keep track of… such as your style, honor, legacy and goals. In other words, we’re talking about all the important stuff around you that makes up who you are. But how can one man possibly find a place for all this stuff? It’s all in […]

Happy National Lingerie Day

As you are out and about on this fine day, remember that statistics suggest that six out of every 10 women you pass will be wearing some form of intimate lingerie. That is just one silky, shimmering and transparent sheet of fabric between you and everything you want most in the world. Yeah, it’s going […]

Carhartt – Because Rugged Men Prefer Stylish

I can remember buying Carhartt supplies ten years ago. They were tough, durable, function… but not necessarily what you’d call stylish. However, today’s Carhartt is an entirely different animal. Yeah, it is still tough, durable and functional, but they’ve added the element of fit and finish, which allows the rugged man to blend into the […]