Some of the Popular Hookup Sites Recommended by Dating Experts

More and more people are already looking into the use of sites and apps to find a potential match that they can talk to, date, or interact with sexually. The use of these sites both has various benefits and a few drawbacks. The overall experience that you may garner from it still depends on various […]

Which Dating Website is Best for You

Online dating is a daunting prospect, and there are dozens of sites proclaiming their match-making success. Dating is an extremely personal experience, and there’s no one site that will offer the perfect solution for every user. Finding the right platform for your dating efforts is an essential first step toward finding the right person. How […]

Ken Page on Sex, Hooking Up and Why Deeper Dating is Better

Us men are all about the hunt; meeting women and getting the biggest bang for our efforts. And who could blame us… isn’t that what bachelor life is all about? But you know what your ‘Game’ is likely missing? A happy ending (and not the type your thinking). We’re talking about finding a woman who […]

Insider Dating Tips from Real Women for Online Messaging

Hello, fellas. I’m back with some feedback and advice for writing those online dating messages. First, a disclaimer, heed the following advice but remember there are no guarantees that every woman you want to respond to you is going to. No pickup artist, or wingman is going to supply you with a 100% effective technique. […]

5 Women to Avoid on Dating Websites

A few of the women I’d highly recommend avoiding are those who are narcissistic, dishonest, overly dependent, or clearly do not have your best interest at heart. It doesn’t matter which dating website’s you frequent, as there are at least five women we’d stay as far away from as possible. Miss ‘Form’ Introductions Dear dude […]

What Women Want To See in Your Okcupid and Tinder Photos

Online dating has become very popular over the years and it might just be the #1 way you get a date these days. Let’s face it, the most important thing on a dating profile are the pictures. You know what kinds of pictures you like to see and which kinds turn you off. But do […]

Sex And Adult Dating Websites – Interview with Dating Expert, Erica Black

Erica Black is a relationship expert who understands that dating success is a combination of social skills, confidence, and a vibrant personality, even when you are dealing with the somewhat shallow nature of an adult dating website. Despite what the advertisements promise, websites like are not just all about sex and satiation, as somewhere […]

Loveflutter Dating Website Offers Quirky Babes

Whether you prefer your women feisty, scatter brained, or just plan quirky–Loveflutter claims to have just the woman for you. Loveflutter is the new dating website on the block, and like all the others, it has bent over backwards looking for a niche, and has settled on weird and bored. Okay, so ‘quirky’ is probably […]