Some of the Popular Hookup Sites Recommended by Dating Experts

More and more people are already looking into the use of sites and apps to find a potential match that they can talk to, date, or interact with sexually. The use of these sites both has various benefits and a few drawbacks. The overall experience that you may garner from it still depends on various factors such as the platform that you leverage. This article lists down some of the most popular hookup sites recommended by dating experts.


One of the most popular hookup sites recommended by dating experts if you are looking for casual dating is Tinder. When you explore some hookup sites in an attempt to find a fun and easy-to-use dating app for a good time, then this platform is perfect for you. It has a simple, yet modern interface with a swiping feature that can be quite addictive. The basic app of Tinder is also free for use, which already includes video chat functionality.

However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, then you may want to find another platform to use because Tinder is geared more toward hookups. Because there are lots of incremental ways to spend money through this site though, you may lose a hefty amount of money without even noticing it.

In getting started with Tinder, you need to first fill out a form with your initial information such as your name, age, gender, and email. But before you begin swiping through the app, you may want to add more to your profile even if it is not required.


In this modern-day and age, women feel empowered, even when it comes to online dating and hookups. This is where Bumble comes in, which is a hookup site that is designed for women who want to make the first move in dating. Rest assured that the platform is excellent when it comes to safety and privacy features. The free version of the site is also robust enough, both for beginners and seasoned online dating app users.

Bumble’s interface is also fun and inclusive and it also features video chat functionality. However, the profiles that you may be able to find in Bumble may prove to be less meaty compared to other apps. Another drawback that you may find in this platform is the presence of superfluous friend-finder features, as well as pointless business networking options.

Apart from being available on mobile devices, Bumble can also be accessed through its new desktop site which is the Bumble Web. The app features a blog called the Buzz which is all about the philosophy behind the platform. When it comes to logging in, you can choose to link your account to Facebook or simply use your phone number.


Beautiful profiles that allow you to flirt with your potential matches is what Hinge is about. This is one of the newest hooking sites that infiltrated the online dating market. Apart from the ability to create your own robust profiles, the platform also offers multiple ways for you to like the profile of your potential match. All these are incorporated in a great interplay between photos and text.

However, since the platform is quite new, there are very limited ‘like’ options for free users. There is also no video chat functionality, unlike the other two platforms listed above. Hinge also doesn’t have a desktop version.

When it comes to creating your account in Hinge, you need to fill up a standard questionnaire wherein you may have to answer questions such as whether you are interested in men, in women, or even both. You will also have to indicate whether you have a certain preferred age, distance, ethnicity, or religion. When you categorize these accordingly, you will be able to narrow out your selections more effectively.


If you are fond of asking thoughtful questions, then OkCupid may be the perfect hookup site for you. The matches in the platform are data-driven and the ecosystem of the site can be considered inclusive. For this reason, OkCupid is a great alternative if you are already bored with swipe left or swipe up apps. Another great thing about OkCupid is that most of it can also be used for free.

When you use OkCupid, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you are merely looking for hookups, friendships, or long-term relationships. There is also the option for you to note whether you are into non-monogamous relationships with any gender. In this case, you only need to select the “I’m open to everyone” option.

Like Hinge, OkCupid also features robust profiles, as well as an inclusive identification option for gender or sexual identities. However, the search function of the platform sometimes returns irrelevant results and advertisements can also pop up in its free interface. Again, like Hinge, OkCupid also lacks video chat functionality.


For online dating users who want fast browsing, Zoosk proves to be the perfect site to use. It has an effective search tool, as well as a quick sign-up process, which is great for people who don’t want to wait. However, you may be disappointed to find that it somehow has a bare-bones interface and the platform is also laden with apps.

Nonetheless, Zoosk is available on both Apple and Android devices, and you can even access the site through a web browser. Regardless of what you go for though, you may need to sign up using your Facebook or your Google account, which is unique to Zoosk. Should you choose not to link either of your accounts on Zoosk, you will have to complete your profile from scratch.

The most popular hookup sites listed above are only some of the platforms that you can consider to find a potential match. There are still various other sites that you can explore such as Match or eHarmony although both are more geared towards building long-term relationships rather than casual hookups. Nonetheless, as soon as you find the perfect site for you, just make sure to create a compelling profile that will prove to be irresistible to your potential match.

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