5 Women to Avoid on Dating Websites


A few of the women I’d highly recommend avoiding are those who are narcissistic, dishonest, overly dependent, or clearly do not have your best interest at heart. It doesn’t matter which dating website’s you frequent, as there are at least five women we’d stay as far away from as possible.

pin-up-girls-prt2-500-86Miss ‘Form’ Introductions

Dear dude from website,
I long to be the soft rain that gently falls on your (blank) colored hair.
The late autumn forest that fills your (blank) colored eyes.
The sweet whisper that calls out your name, (blank).

A love note used to mean something, but thanks to the invent of copy and paste; it may just be regurgitated thoughts transferred from one person to another. The form introduction is an ambiguous letter that appears to be written for you… but is really set up for just about any guy. It is neither personal, meaningful, nor thoughtful; and while it may be flattering, it really only says the woman is too busy, lazy, or a bad girl (of the unpleasant variety). If you run across one of these messages in your inbox, remember that anyone who does not have the time to write you a personal introduction, will probably not have time to keep you happy.


WWL-sexy-teaseThe Cyber Tease

Some women are perfectly happy with keeping relationships on a virtual level. She might tease about meeting you, but in the end you will only be left with emails and instant messages. Study’s show, Internet connections grow quick, creating a level of trust well beyond what they should. You could end up investing a lot of time in a woman if you are not weary of the cyber tease. To avoid this, any woman who does not appear interested in meeting within the first three to seven messages/chats, should be immediately demoted from your ‘most wanted’ list.


WWL - instragram babes bikini selfieLittle Miss I’m Too Sexy

A recent study looked at the photos and updates women post on social sites, compared these with their personality type. What they found, were narcissistic personalities (overly self loving) have an abundance of photos and updates on their page, documenting everything from what she ate for breakfast to what she looks like in the bathroom half naked. These women may be sexy and provocative, but they are also primarily preoccupied with themselves. I say, get in for the sex (if you want), but get right back out before she breaks your heart.


Mystery womanShe-Bitch Ambiguous Mysterioso

It is beneficial to be mysterious on dating websites, but the women who use this ambiguity to hide things you really should know is committing a huge deal-breaker. What I am referring to are things like her relationship status, age, or having kids. These are the women who lie to you from the very beginning, and will most likely continue to lie throughout your relationship. No matter what excuse she gives for not being completely honest, remember that honesty is essential to your happiness with a woman over the long run. If you cannot trust her to be truthful about herself, how can you trust her to be truthful with how she really feels about you? You can’t, which is why she is not as sexy as she thinks she is.


The Cyber Stalker

Stalking used to be considered sitting outside a man’s bedroom window, but today it has taken the form of multiple texts, background checks, and push notification (smart phone) abuse. Women no longer need to stalk men on the street, as they can use their computer to do it for them. Internet stalkers are controlling, mistrusting, and too invested with your life. If a woman appears to be overly attentive to you or knows too much about your life, don’t take this as flattery. This is a first-class red flag to remove her from your list before she make your life a living hell.

And one more important point to consider: Crazy women fuel themselves using your existing social media, including your websites, blogs, and any other sources you’ve made public. For this reason you should always be careful of what you put out in the public’s eye, as you never know when it could be ‘used against you’.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.