How a Man Should Organize His Prized Posessions

As a man, you’ve got a lot of things to keep track of… such as your style, honor, legacy and goals. In other words, we’re talking about all the important stuff around you that makes up who you are. But how can one man possibly find a place for all this stuff? It’s all in […]

Inside Look at a Gentleman’s Closet

A lot has been said about the cool character and appropriate conduct of a gentleman. However, his polite, organized and calculated way of life could never remove his passion for wood, machinery, glass, tapestry, weapons of destruction, daily carry, and his inner battle between privacy and wide open spaces. In the end, this is what […]

The Living Cube Ultimate Man’s Closet By Ill Designs

Till Koenneker of Ill Designs is an innovator of space and design. Case in point, this Living Cube ultimate man’s closet, which is a whole lot of closet, a little bit of media center, and when the inlaws drop by, you’ve got yourself a built-in bunk bed too. Although, this day bed should really have […]

Creating the Ultimate Man Closet

A closet is often a second thought for men. It is just a place to store garments, belts, ties, shoes, and maybe a skeleton or two. However, there is a very good reason to become persnickety when it comes to your wardrobe and storage ideas. A well organized closet saves time. It allows you to […]