Trinity Waterproof, Sport Tuned In-Ear Headphones – You Asked for it

The makers behind the Trinity Hyperion and Delta in-ear headphones have been hard at work in the lab designing a sport earbud that satisfies all your fitness needs. They listened to all the feedback they’ve received since their last Kickstarter campaign, and their newest solution is called the ATLAS Hybrid Sport and HELIO Sport. Okay, […]

The Waterproof (Practically Bullet-Proof) Apple Watch Case By Catalyst

The makers of the ultimate in iPhone adventure gear (Catalyst) have set their sites on the Apple Watch. What that means is that you no longer have to worry about taking your Apple Watch scuba diving, river rafting or even to a tropical rainforest downpour. You will still have access to its touchscreen via its […]

Vaiden Triton Wearable Tech – Your Personal Thermostat

The problem with a lot of gym focused wearable tech, is it requires you to buy the correct fabric to go with the environment you’re planning to work in. If you’re headed out to Alaska to bike the mountain roads, you better choose performance gear designed to insulate your body. If you’re headed to the Sahara desert, […]

House of Marley Wants You to Chant and Roar

We’re fans of the House of Marley product line, and earlier this summer the team released a few more premium speakers to fill any of the ‘silent’ voids you might be experiencing in your life. Chant (Bluetooth) The Chant is a miniature Bluetooth speaker that packs a decent punch from its 1.5” driver and sturdy […]

Doppler Labs Bionic Earbuds – Tune the World Around You

The phrase, Wearable Tech, is thrown around a lot these days – but Doppler Labs is hard at work developing a new catch phrase, “Hearable Tech”. Imagine a set of earbuds and an app designed to tune the world around you exactly how you like. You could adjust the sound at a rock concert using […]

Smartphone Goes Camping

Smartphones have become essential tools for many people. In fact, 84 percent of smartphone users say they couldn’t go a single day without their devices. Many people wouldn’t even leave their smartphones at home during vacations or camping trips. This dependency may sound unhealthy at first, but mobile devices have become essential because they fill […]

Cool Tech You Should Know

You claim that you own the latest iPhone, wearable tech and can practically Tinder with both hands tied behind your back. However, unless you’re also savvy to these 14 awesome tech bites – you are missing out on what we consider some of the best “life tools” available today. Take a deep breath, as your existence […]

Blast Motion Sensor Wearable Tech – Makes You Better At Anything You Do

Professional sports teams have the advantage of analyzing their players moves to pinpoint great moves and analyze the ones that could use a little improvement. Blast Motion has found a way to deliver this same technology into a 3D motion sensing device that you wear during any activity that you like to do. The way […]

Catalyst Waterproof Case – The Ultimate in iPhone Adventure Gear

What is your iPhone most afraid of? Nature. It is fearful of rain storms, hail, snow, caves, deep sea excursions and unruly rapids. In other words, it doesn’t like water all that much. It is also not particularly fond of heights and excessive speeds (especially when it is not safely nestled inside a cockpit). I […]

East Dane’s Father’s Day Gadget and Other Cool Stuff Gift Guide

Some Dads may be the underwear and tie type of guys… but not your dad. No, he’s the type who is up on the latest gadgets and cool stuff. He is always looking for a new and better way to get things done, relax, or enjoy the spoils of nature in the confines of his […]