Spyder PowerShadow – The World’s Thinnest Battery Case

In this day and age, you can’t really be ‘on the go’ unless you have some sort of reserve to power your phone. Yeah, but have you ever been on an important call or in the middle of getting route directions when your iPhone starts to fail? It becomes an episode of the Three Stooges […]

How 3D Printing Is Bringing New Advancements to Sports

Additive manufacturing — more commonly known as 3D printing — has become more and more mainstream in the last few years, thanks to companies like MakerBot developing printers that are within the price range of the average consumer. 3D printing has been around for a long time in the industrial world, where it allows for […]

One Remote for All Your Gadgets – The Logitech Harmony Elite

You own a lot of cool gadgets, including your television, electric window shades, game system, lights and thermostat… but wouldn’t it be great if you could run all these from one convenient and mantastic location? Logitech has recently unloaded their Harmony Elite Remote onto the market, and you now have at least 270,000 fewer reasons to get […]

Best Ear Buds Under $100 – Rock Jaw Kommand

We review a lot of earphones each year, so of course we end up with a few favorites. And of those favorites, the best of the best usually end up in my gym bag for my own personal use (that is a perk). And over this past year we have reviewed some exceptional ear buds, […]

PowerGo-Go Protects, Charges and Syncs Your iPhone Through Magnetic Technology

Charging cases come and go across our desk, but the PowerGo-Go by Simple Living Technology has caught our attention. Their setup begins with a Bumper Case, which not only protects your iPhone with shock-resistant materials but offers a simple magnetic bullseye to charge up your device through a magnetic wire (shown in photo above). But what’s […]

Apple iPad Pro – Most Wanted Business Tech

The Apple iPad Pro just landed on our want list. Well, actually it was released on September 9th, but we’ve only just began to understand its capabilities. It is true that $800 for a ‘pad’ of any sort sounds a little excessive. However, with excessive power comes the possibility for new and better apps. But […]

Obi Worldphones – The Apple iPhone Should be Scared

Some of us here think that the iPhone has grown a little too big for its britches. It’s time for something better to come along and reawaken our passion for art, functionality, non-cracked screens and design. That time may be here: And it begins with the efforts of the Obi Worldphones. These phones offer a […]

S550i Aluminum Earbuds by RHA

The designers of the flagship T20 in-ear headphone, RHA, have been hard at work designing a solution for music lovers who like big sound without the big price. It is called the S550i and we’re hoping its sound delivery is every bit as impressive as its model name. What we know so far is that […]

Tactical Beverage Defender

The need to worry about losing your beverage to a “friend” that claims they didn’t realize it’s yours is a thing of the past. With the Nite Ops Can Cooler with LED Light, you can protect your beverage from such threats, along with others like rogue condensation and being knocked over in a dark campsite or similar […]

Nyne Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review – Just Add Water

When reviewing a new speaker system, we like to get right to the chase. Yes, we do like the Nyne Aqua Portable Bluetooth Speaker… and now here’s the rest of the story. Nyne took on a big task when they sat down to design the Aqua. For every ounce of rigidity and waterproofing you add […]