Best of Retro-Tech Inventions

While the technology of today may be functionally superior to anything we’ve ever experienced; there is something about the retro designs of yesterday that offered a warm inviting touch. You see, today’s machines are all about ergonomics, compact size, and functionality. There is not a whole lot of attention to pizzazz,  flash, and beauty. If you’re […]

We Heart the ClamCase ClamBook

We were nudged this week about the possibility of Google planning an integrated laptop docking station for the Android. That’s great, we said, and then went back to licking our screens, and dreaming about the ClamCase ClamBook. We like clams. They may not always be appreciated, but if you know what you’re doing, you could […]

Apple HengeDocks Docking Station

Remember those lame docking stations? Well, this one’s cool! Up to last year, one of the best designs out there for the budget minded Mac user was a simple vertical stand. The only problem was, these damn things required you to plug all your peripherals in one… by… one. And that takes time, effort, and […]

BoomBOTTLE Brings Music to the Palm of Your Hand

Guys, when was the last time you wrapped your hand around something truly powerful? Allow me to rephrase that… Can you remember an evening when your girl felt the earth move just by reaching for your equipment? If your a man plagued by the size of your speaker, you should know that it is not […]

Google Chrome Pixel, We’ll Wait for the Sale

We love the original Google Chromebook. In fact, we would dare say you couldn’t find a better deal out there for a laptop. At just $250 (fully clouded) it can accomplish just about everything you need, and then some. When we heard that Google had decided to come out with something even better, the Google […]

Samsung Vacuum/Digital Amp Wireless Audio System

Proprietary hardware for your music playing devices is a bitch! This one is designed for the iPod, that one is specialized for Windows… it’s enough to make a guy want to just buy a Blackberry 10 and be done with it. Well, Samsung has heard your grumbling, and they have released an audio dock that […]

Whiskey Rox for Real Men

Watered down drinks are for sissies. Back in the days when a real Scot wore a skirt, they would go down to the riverbed, pull a few chilled stones out, and drop them in their mugs of home brewed delight. What was so brilliant about this seemingly barbaric act, was it kept their drink chilled without watering […]

Blackberry 10 Revealed Today

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for the launch of the Blackberry 10 OS, and now that it is finally here, we’ve got some deciding to do. We like the fact that you can switch back and fourth between a personal and work profile. This would help keep your most relevant info at the tips of […]

Robot Driving Companion for the Lonely

All those nights alone… Polishing their pocket pens… Blowing up their girlfriends… Sitting outside some sorority chick’s house in a Toyota Prius… Has finally brought them to this lowly state! Researchers at MIT are working on a new project dubbed AIDA, which stands for, Affective Intelligent Driving Agent. It is basically a robot companion designed […]

Remember the Blackberry? It’s Back!

In case you may have misplaced their name and number in your iPhone or Android, Blackberry is still around, and the CMO, Frank Boulben, continues to promise the release of six new Blackberry L-series devices before the end of the new year. We don’t know quite what to expect of RIM’s new software, but we […]