Cool Mobile Gadgets

If there is one device that’s changed the course of humanity, it would have to be the mobile phone. It’s with us practically everywhere we go, and for some that includes the ‘facilities’. Now with the power of a small personal computer, smart phones not only keep us connected, they also keep us in the […]

Ultra High Def Video

If you think 1080p and BluRay offer crisp detail, then the new 4k resolution will blow your mind. It’s four times the resolution of full HD. That means you can sit closer without getting a pixelated view. The higher resolution means there’s the potential for even larger screens for you home theater slash man cave, […]

The Clicker Remote Control for Beer Drinkers

Dear Santa Wives/Girlfriends, With football and hockey season in full swing, a lot of guys may find it difficult keeping track of their factory remote controls and bottle opener (and your teeth will make a poor choice for a substitute). The Clicker ($15) is a universal remote control with a built-in bottle opener. The body […]

Tweet a Twacation

Twitter is a powerful tool for keeping track of friends and family. However, it also happens to be an uber cool tool for finding up to minutes deals on flights and vacation packages. Twitter feeds enable various companies, such as Travelocity and American Airlines, to keep their followers current on any upcoming or ongoing deals. […]

7 Best Damn Headphones You’ll Ever Own!

You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the sound quality of a really great pair of headphones. It’s like you have been living in a tunnel your whole life the minute you plug in a pair of Sennheiser HD800’s. The world becomes still; your ear hairs begin to dance, and each instrument takes […]

The Screen Wars Heat Up with the Google Nexus 10

The 9.7-inch Apple iPad tablet has been outdone by the new Samsung-built Google Nexus 10. These boys have pulled out their measuring sticks, laid their manhood on the table, and Google has triumphantly exclaimed, “Mine is 0.355 inches bigger than yours!” Yes, the Google tablet comes with 2560 X 1600 resolution, and a screen that is exactly 10.055-inches in diagonal. Buy […]

The JBL Soundfly, for the Full-Home Audio Experience

There was a time when a full-house audio system meant lots of holes in your walls, a giant hole in your wallet, and more butt cracks than you ever wanted to see from the guys installing this stuff in your house. Today, thanks to the revolution of Bluetooth and wi-fi-enabled audio equipment, and full-house audio […]

Prima Cinema: The Elite Home Theater Service

Okay, just for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re sitting on your couch with a hot woman, flipping through your stockpile of available media for your home theater, and she has seen everything you’ve got. You: The Dark Knight Rises? Her: Seen it. You: Chronicle? Her: Boring… You: ParaNorman? Her: Like, oh-my-God, that was […]

The HotTug Jacuzzi Boat

Water sex is highly overrated. You get sand in sensitive areas; water creatures try to nest in your crack, and unless you’re in the Caribbean, the temperatures can get pretty freaking cold. Not to worry, the Nederlands company, HotTug, has the solution to your wet dreams. It is a 12 X 7-foot hot tub and […]

Awesome Sound Docks

Women may think they know a man by the size of his dock. However, truth be told, size has only a portion to do with whom he is, and the way he likes his music. When it really comes to an impressive dock, what a man needs is a lot of money. You can make […]