Morning Link Dump – Rich and Famous

I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me. – Cary Grant

Richard Mille’s Watch Costs More Than A Ferrari

Beauty and value are not dictated by size. Just ask Marilyn Monroe and your smartphone manufacturer. In fact, I doubt you would need to ask many people in this day and age to discover that a lot agree that great things can come in a small package. Case in point, any custom made tourbillion watch by […]

Morning Link Dump – The Search For The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

The ultimate bachelor pad is a unicorn of sorts, because the harder we look, the more elusive it seems to become. It is not that the world is short on awesome man caves… but rather that we are short on time to feature each and every one worth seeing. So rather than exhaust ourselves with […]

Must Have Watches for the Urban Male

According to the folks who keep track of this kind of stuff, luxury wrist watch sales are on the rise, peaking at an increase of 33 percent just this past year. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right luxury watch, is that extended dollar signs do not always signify […]

Prima Cinema: The Elite Home Theater Service

Okay, just for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re sitting on your couch with a hot woman, flipping through your stockpile of available media for your home theater, and she has seen everything you’ve got. You: The Dark Knight Rises? Her: Seen it. You: Chronicle? Her: Boring… You: ParaNorman? Her: Like, oh-my-God, that was […]

Bad Ass Bachelor Pad in West Vancouver, British Columbia

We thought what most guys did in Canada was drink beer, watch hockey, and dream of drinking beer and watching hockey, while freezing his baguettes off in some bear cave in the forest. As it turns out, we were right… all except for this one guy in West Vancouver, who owns a $4.3 million bachelor […]

Bad Ass Bachelor Pad in Los Angeles, California

We have our doubts about the legitimacy of this $13 million bachelor pad. I mean, where’s the underwear? The bed is made, and there are freaking apples in a bowl on the kitchen counter? Never-the-less, these are awesome digs, and worthy of a hat tip. Too expensive for you? Check out this $4.3 million bachelor […]

Living Large

  So guy, do you think you are living large because you own the Newest Kindle Fire HD, or the keys to a 2012 Audi R8? Well, look at it this way, living large is much the same as any other career ladder. Take, for instance, working at McDonald’s. You got your managers (top dogs), […]

What Do You Get the Guy Who Has Everything?

For the man who has everything, give the gift he really wants this holiday season. No, it is not Sponge Bob underwear, a Hello Kitty jacket for his iPad Mini, or a piano tie. We’re talking booze ma’am, and not of the standard variety you can find at your local liquor store. We’re talking about […]

What Makes a Badass Bachelor Pad?

Some guys dream of a bachelor pad with a beer stocked fridge, a dog who will scratch their nards, fetch the toilet paper in an emergency, and blackout windows for those Sundays afternoons when the world just seems to be up too early. Yes, Those are what we’d call ‘livable’ accommodations for a single bachelor. […]