Blind Barrels: The ONLY Blind Craft Whiskey Tasting Subscription Box

Label failure has kept many of our country’s best craft whiskey off the shelf, where almost nobody will ever find it. “Prohibition never really ended,” explains Bobby DeMars, the founder of Blind Barrels. “The three-tier system is complicated–[A top shelf worthy distiller will often] be rockstars for 50 miles, but then drown out after that.” […]

A Whiskey Glass – A Gentleman’s Legacy: by Well Told

Would you drive a Jaguar E-Type sitting in the bucket seat of a Volkswagen Beetle? It would still be brilliant, don’t get us wrong, but in our mind, about 30% of the experience would be tainted. And the same thing could be said about the glassware in or around your bar. Allow us to introduce […]

5 Whisky Brands Every Man Must Try

There was a time not that long ago that every man drank whiskey. It was a right of passage that came with age and maturity. It was a time-honored tradition handed down by good fathers, and it was a pleasure to partake in a glass – because most options were made by a few distilleries in Scotland […]

The Celebrity Booze Manifesto

A man’s taste in a drink is as personal as his taste in women. But there is one thing that has the ability to improve on almost anything (or anyone’s) character, appeal, popularity, beauty, value, and taste… The endorsement of a celebrity. The following is a manifesto of booze options that are at least ‘almost’ […]

Flaviar – The Monthly Spirit Box Subscription for Gentlemen

There are thousands of individual spirits in the world today, and while they may not all be worthy of an award, there are many worth the experience. And while any man can ‘read’ about them in books and magazines, the discerning gentleman will always prefer to experience the best of them for himself. The only […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Why do we love Saint Patrick’s Day? Oh, let us count the ways: One, we think the color green looks absolutely stunning on the majority of women (photo above as proof). Two, Saint Patrick was actually an English chap who became an Irish Saint, so no matter where your ties are culturally, you know you’re always […]

This is How You Begin a Thursday

From Dildo’s to whiskey throat bombs, these are the essential ingredients to your Thursday. A Dildo Maker; Just What You (She) Always Wanted- Coed Magazine The Sexiest Actresses Under 30- Guyism Beginner’s Guide to Working Out- College Humor Liza Berggren Will Make Your Day- Uncoachable 5 Killer Whiskey Cocktails- MadeMan

Hangover Science

We’ve heard this question time and again: What is a hangover? How can I prevent one, and is it true you will wake up with your head shaved, teeth missing, a baby, and a monkey? Well, we’ve seen a lot of babies come out of these, but we’re not too sure about the monkey. I […]

Whiskey Rox for Real Men

Watered down drinks are for sissies. Back in the days when a real Scot wore a skirt, they would go down to the riverbed, pull a few chilled stones out, and drop them in their mugs of home brewed delight. What was so brilliant about this seemingly barbaric act, was it kept their drink chilled without watering […]

What Do You Get the Guy Who Has Everything?

For the man who has everything, give the gift he really wants this holiday season. No, it is not Sponge Bob underwear, a Hello Kitty jacket for his iPad Mini, or a piano tie. We’re talking booze ma’am, and not of the standard variety you can find at your local liquor store. We’re talking about […]