Men’s Health – Never Be Sick Again

“I’ve only had one health problem in the last 24 years,” says, 74 year old, Raymond Francis. “A cold… And I have a very good excuse for that.” “I was invited to make a speech in Egypt—I was coming home—there was bad weather—I was up for over 48 hours without sleep, and that zonked my […]

6 Secrets to 6 Pack Shortcuts

Some would tell you that there is no ‘secret’ to six pack abs. It is just a combination of hard work and a good diet. This is kind of true–However, the problem is that most people do not know how to do those two things effectively, and therein lies the 6 secrets to 6-pack abs: […]

How to Be a Man – MMA Fighting Techniques

In the next couple minutes you will learn the basics of the jab, kick, throw, takedown, and more…

Guide to Reading Supplement Labels – Interview With Josh Hingst

Josh Hingst and Kimberly Mueller are the Authors of the book The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Supplements (Human Kinetics 2013). We consider this book to be the bible of understanding supplements, including how they work, performance benefits, and the health concerns attributed to them. Hingst is not only a nutrition specialist, but also the head […]

Lexus LFA Roaster Vs. Man

Perfect. Like You. High Performance. Like You Aspire To Be. There are many ways to boost performance. To push a machine to the point where amazing becomes its norm. One of the most cost effective ways to achieve this goal, is to streamline the function of the individual parts, so the whole can function better. […]

Plyometrics- The Power of the Vertical Jump

This week we continue from part 1 of how plyometrics can build better bodies. We will be looking at the power of the vertical jump, which can help in a variety of sporting activities, including skiing, basketball, track & field, baseball, rugby, bicycling, swimming, tennis, and competitive power lifting. There are many good things in store […]

How Omega-3 Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

When it comes to health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids and all its glory has been known in the medical world. It has become a subject of many studies and has lined up a long line of diseases and conditions that it can benefit. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids found mostly in sea foods and […]

How Plyometrics Can Build Better Bodies

Plyometrics can be a real game changer in your daily workouts. Research has shown that such an addition to your workout can help you lose weight and improve your performance in the gym, on the track, court, and field. The explosive movements increase muscle strength and protect your joints, which also means they can help […]

Can Kinesiology Tape Improve Your Performance?

Kinesiology tape has recently found itself in the spotlight. This is due to the NBA’s decision to first ban the tape’s use on the court, and then a retraction of that decision, based on the fact that it may actually provide benefit to the players. The question is, can kinesiology tape really provide benefit to you? […]

Can an Ion Bracelet Improve Your Health?

I’m a man of science more than emotion, or at least I try to be. This is why when I received an PureStrength ion bracelet from ENDVER, I hit the books to understand how it was designed to work. Basically, there is nothing magical about these bracelets, as negative ions are surrounding you every day. […]