4 Ways for Men to Get a Better Nights Rest

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A quality night of sleep is closely related to how you feel as well as to how productive you are at work. Research suggests that the amount of sleep you receive directly impacts all phases of your life. As a man, you may not prioritize sleep the way that you should, though. Here are four ways for men to get a better night’s rest.

Watch the Caffeine


Coffee is what sustains you during those interminable meetings at the office. Most people need a couple of cups to survive the workday. When you drink caffeine after 2 p.m., however, you will have more difficulty sleeping well. That means you shouldn’t drink coffee in the afternoons. Also, if you’re in the habit of drinking a caffeinated soda with your dinner, you should stop this behavior as well. Otherwise, you’ll sleep lighter and awaken more times throughout the night.

Set the Mood

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Did you know that sleeping in the same room as your iPhone or laptop computer is problematic? Your mind associates these devices with your work life. When such devices are in the same room as you, you subconsciously perceive it as a home office. With your work close by, your mind struggles to dissociate itself from your job. That makes you sleep less comfortably. An action as simple as charging your phone and computer in a different room will enhance the efficiency of your sleep cycles.

The Right Mattress

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Assuming that you get eight hours of rest each night, you spend a third of your life sleeping. That makes your mattress one of the most important purchases. Some consumers tend to suffer on a lousy mattress to save a few dollars. That’s a huge mistake. Trying to relax on an uncomfortable mattress not only impinges on your sleep quality but also spills over into your work life the following day. The questions you should ask yourself are simple. How old is your mattress? How comfortable is your mattress? If you’re not satisfied with your reply to either query, it’s time to go mattress shopping.

You should also remember that your pillow is a factor as well. Consider a more soothing option such as the Casper Pillow to enhance the overall quality of your sleep. With a new mattress and pillow, you’ll sleep more deeply and comfortably.

Turn off the Television

According to Web MD, television has one of the worst effects on sleep quality. The issue is that when the television is on, you unintentionally signal your brain to stay active. It won’t shut down when something is competing for its attention. Leaving the television on overnight delays the body’s dispersal of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep.

That’s not the only factor, either. Any form of light distracts you from entering deep sleep. The light emitted by your television is especially distracting. If you don’t learn to turn off the television at night, you’ll never rest as comfortably as you should.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to many facets of your life. Follow the four tips above, and you should enjoy a richer, more fulfilling slumber each night.


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