3 Tips to Push Your Body to the Limits & Aid Recovery


Whether it’s a night out drinking with your friends or a hard core session at the gym, you enjoy pushing your body to its limits. Go big or go home, right? If you’re an extreme person, more power to you, but here are a few tips to help recover and maintain that machine body of yours.

Train, Train, Then Train Again

If you’re into extreme sports, such as triathlons, mountain climbing, rock climbing, snowboarding or backpacking, training your body beforehand is essential for preventing injuries and being prepared. Create workouts that condition your body, increase your strength and stamina, and make you a confident, extreme athlete.

Diet is key. Talk to a dietitian or a personal trainer to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients and calories. If your sport is practiced in extremely cold temperatures, consider bumping up your caloric intake so the energy you burn can keep your body warm.

Incorporate Recovery Into Your Workouts

Putting in the work at the gym is just as important as allowing enough time for your body to recover and heal. There are three forms of recovery: active, passive and massage. An active recovery activity, like swimming, is the most efficient at blood lactate clearance from your body. Use pool equipment and accessories such as a kick board, buoy and flippers to get creative with your swim workout. If you really want to push your limits, consider cold water swimming to also bolster your immune system, give your body an all-natural high, burn a lot of calories and boost your sex life.

Massage recovery, such as foam rolling or a hands-on massage from a professional, is the second most efficient method of blood lactate clearance.

If your body is really craving a day off, a passive recovery activity, like sitting home and watching Netflix, also clears blood lactate buildup in your body. With all this blood lactate cleared from your body, you won’t be sore and you’ll be ready for another day training for what you love.


Create a Pre- and Post- Night out Hangover Plan

If you’re a committed athlete, you may rarely have a huge night out where you consume copious amounts of booze. But for that one night after your race or while celebrating a big accomplishment, having a pre- and post-night out ritual to avoid a hangover is key.

The night before your night out, get a good nights rest or squeeze in a nap before night fall. Then, start out by doubling up on multivitamins. While most people assume that a hangover is solely a result of dehydration, inflammation and oxidative stress are huge players as well. Your pre-night out meal should be filling and preferably stocked with fats, protein (red meat) and carbs.

The recipe to a hangover-less morning starts with avoiding champagne, smoking cigarettes, dark liquor, soda mixers and cheap liquor during festivities. Instead, stick to clear liquor, juice mixers and higher-end alcohol. Drink a lot of water in between drinks, and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, take a Gatorade with you to stock up on electrolytes. Don’t forget to wash your hands often since drinking alcohol weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses.

Before you hit the sack, have one to two glasses of water and pop an ibuprofen to combat the inflammation. Finally, in the morning, head to brunch and order eggs so you can benefit from the cysteine they provide your body to break down those toxins that cause headaches. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.


Author bio: Destined to be an Armenian housewife perfecting her hummus recipe, Natalie Posdaljian instead chose a life of marine field biology and sriracha. Born and raised in southern California, her veins rush with salty seawater and sunshine no matter where she goes.  When she’s not saving jellyfish from extinction, Natalie is dancing in the shower, knitting on a plane or swinging in her hammock.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.