Getting Healthy – You Are What You Eat

It may come as a surprise to some, but your diet is as important (or more) as your physical activity. If your goal is to get a 6-pack, without a balanced diet, no amount of crunches or sit ups will make that happen. You’ve heard your “body is a temple.” When it comes to your […]

Guide to Reading Supplement Labels – Interview With Josh Hingst

Josh Hingst and Kimberly Mueller are the Authors of the book The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Supplements (Human Kinetics 2013). We consider this book to be the bible of understanding supplements, including how they work, performance benefits, and the health concerns attributed to them. Hingst is not only a nutrition specialist, but also the head […]

P90X Recovery Formula

The P90X formula has all the nutrients that a growing body needs. I’m certainly not saying that this is the only formula that will bring results, but they have done a pretty fantastic job of putting together the ingredients, and I will show you exactly what I mean. P90X is all-natural. It has no artificial […]