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Babe Tribute – Anita Sikorska

Anita Sikorska is a woman I would like to get to know better. She has style, class, and tenacity, and a few other things that are best said in picture.

Max’s Hot Clicks – Pornist Leanings

This week on the Internet we discover that the U.S. Hockey team has a lot of things to go back to, that the Canadian team doesn’t. And while my father used to always claim that you can’t polish a turd… some guy with a stained rock polisher has proven him wrong. To tell you the […]

HYT H2 – The Watch That’s so Hot, it has it’s Own Temp Gauge

The liquid cooled function of the HYT H2 watch is amplified by its skeletal face and precision engineering. I mean, how many watches do you own that have a unique ‘event’ that happens every day at 3 o’clock. At 3 o’clock is a “H-N-R” crown position indicator, which brings to mind the gearstick of a […]

Oh, Did You Mean $Basel or #Basel?

Art Basel is a time when any semblance of order is tossed aside in favor of an aesthetic meritocracy. The plastic surgery, paintings, designer shoes (both real and fake) all contribute to a culture of appraising things based off how they look. However, the sale of art and how we come to value it is […]

Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Watch

Pierre DeRoche is modern styling with a touch of retro tech. The TNT Royal Retro is cast out of pvd-coated titanium and held together with steal lugs. It is self winding and features an engraved oscillating weight that looks fantastic through its anti-reflective sapphire crystal face. This watch is massive at a full 47.5 mm. […]

Morning Link Dump – The Open Road

Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine.” ― James Dean People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.” ― Henry Ford   – Nissan GT-R Cabrio – Mother of All Towing Fails – 2015 Toyota Supra     – Dwyane Wade’s Custom McLaren – […]

Guide to Reading Supplement Labels – Interview With Josh Hingst

Josh Hingst and Kimberly Mueller are the Authors of the book The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Supplements (Human Kinetics 2013). We consider this book to be the bible of understanding supplements, including how they work, performance benefits, and the health concerns attributed to them. Hingst is not only a nutrition specialist, but also the head […]

5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Olivia Measures

The UK television show, Take Me Out, has been connecting single men and women since its premier in 2010. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with 30 available women. It is then his task to impress one of these women, so that she will agree to a first date with him. If […]

USA Team Olympic 2014 Nike 800 Down Jacket

Winter may be starting to taper down, but it certainly is not over yet. In many parts of the world, March and April are the biggest snow months. With this in mind, we present to you these USA Team Olympic Sochi 2014 (XXII) Official 800 Down Jackets. We’re big fans of Nike’s Aeroloft Summit Jacket, […]

Ultimate Guide to Miami

Miami is a bizarre place – not quite the United States, but not quite Latin America. There’s so much glitz, glamour and bare skin, you’ll hardly recognize that you’re sweating your balls off. That being said, Miami is an incredibly expansive city. With the lack of public transportation, it’s important to plan your nights out […]