5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Olivia Measures

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The UK television show, Take Me Out, has been connecting single men and women since its premier in 2010. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with 30 available women. It is then his task to impress one of these women, so that she will agree to a first date with him. If he fails to impress any of them, it is called a “Blackout,” and the guy is escorted off the show to the Celine Dion version of the song, “All By Myself.”

Today, we are speaking with one of the current stars, 19-year-old, Olivia Measures, who is also a voice over artist and actress. She has never had a serious relationship, and is nicknamed “Princess,” because of her search for a real life Prince Charming, who she would describe as a man who is Christian, funny, and can do pushups with her on his back. Join us as we find out why Olivia has not found her Prince.

Urbasm: As a voice over artist, can you mimic the voice of any actors, actresses, or cartoon characters? What do you do in your spare time when you’re not working?

image_2Olivia Measures: As I haven’t been officially trained at a drama school, I can’t mimic any particular voices, but this is something I’d love to be able to master once finishing training at drama school. In my spare time I film as an extra. I have filmed lots of time as an extra for “Made In Chelsea,” which is always fun. Today, I’m filming a wedding commercial for television. I also do a bit of modeling and am studying to complete a nutrition diploma. In addition to this, I am a regular church goer, with band practice on Wednesday; a youth group every other Friday, which I am a youth leader at, and then on Sunday I go twice in the day, so I am a bit of a busy bee.

Urb: What did you learn from your longest relationship, which you’ve told audience members lasted 2 weeks?

Olivia Measures: I learned from my longest relationship that if it isn’t working from the beginning, its never going to work, and if he asks you to kiss behind a shed run a mile. Princesses don’t do stuff like that (laughs). Move on and you might find your Prince Charming. He will come along when your least expecting it.

imageUrb: As a pretty girl, we’d imagine you get approached by guys all the time, so how do you give them the hint you’re not interested? If you don’t get approached, we are wondering what you do to avoid these players?

Olivia Measures: Ah, thank you. Yes, I guess I get approached as any other girl would, but I’ve found that being kind, but blunt, is the best way forward. Many girls complain that the boys won’t stop pestering them, but if you just say no thank you from the onset, they soon get the hint and move on.

Urb: What are three traits you are currently looking for in your Prince Charming, and why do you think you haven’t found him yet?

Olivia Measures: When looking for my prince charming the three traits I’d be on the hunt for is a Christian, someone who makes me laugh, and a generally snazzy person. I would say I haven’t found my prince charming yet because a) I’m very picky and b) my Prince Charming just hasn’t arrived yet. I’m a firm believer in not searching for a boyfriend but just seeing what happens. imageHe’ll come along at the right time and in the mean time, ill keep pursuing my career as an actress.

Urb: If you could date any famous character from history (politician, inventor, actor, etc.), who would it be and why?

Olivia Measures: If I could date any character from a movie, I would have to say Noah, from the [film] Notebook. He is such a gentleman and shows the men nowadays how a chase should be done. He doesn’t stop till he wins her back, and he only ever has eyes for her till the very end. That’s my kind of man.

Root for Olivia on the current season of Take Me Out, and you can connect with her on Twitter.


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.