Recap of the 2015 Art Basel in Miami

In a year when the most notable “performance” of Art Basel was a student stabbing a random bystander with an X-Acto knife (only to mistakenly be perceived as art itself), how does one stand out without looking crazy? Here are Urbasm’s felony-free highlights from Art Basel 2015: Institute of Contemporary Art Opening Party The ICA’s […]

Oh, Did You Mean $Basel or #Basel?

Art Basel is a time when any semblance of order is tossed aside in favor of an aesthetic meritocracy. The plastic surgery, paintings, designer shoes (both real and fake) all contribute to a culture of appraising things based off how they look. However, the sale of art and how we come to value it is […]

Ultimate Guide to Miami

Miami is a bizarre place – not quite the United States, but not quite Latin America. There’s so much glitz, glamour and bare skin, you’ll hardly recognize that you’re sweating your balls off. That being said, Miami is an incredibly expansive city. With the lack of public transportation, it’s important to plan your nights out […]