Laura Carter on Dating, One Night Stands and Being on the Show YFS

On your screen, Laura Carter may seem like the typical sexy reality star from the television show, Young, Free & Single Live. She’s a model, dancer, calendar girl and has even partied with Prince Harry a time or two. However, we made it a goal to discover the more complex side of this beauty who […]

Dashbon Flicks – 100-Inch Mobile Party Boombox Projector

This month Indiegogo has chosen some of their favorite products to promote for the holidays, and we can’t say we’re surprised that the Dashbon Flicks Mobile Party Boombox Projector made the cut. The Flicks offers up a super bright 7000 LED screen that can create a 100-inch image from only 8.4 feet away. The image […]

Neil Patrick Harris Premieres His ‘Best Time Ever’ Tonight

Can you remember what your best time ever was? Neil Patrick Harris hopes that he can help you create some new memories with his new NBC primetime show, “Best Time Ever’. The five-time Emmy award winner will have a new role this fall as the host of… well, a little bit of everything. The new […]

5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Olivia Measures

The UK television show, Take Me Out, has been connecting single men and women since its premier in 2010. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with 30 available women. It is then his task to impress one of these women, so that she will agree to a first date with him. If […]

New Yorker’s Shocked By Zombies Attack

Fans of The Walking Dead television series are going to love this. As a promo for the start of their upcoming season on February 9th, AMC pulled the ultimate zombie prank on NYC. Watch as some walking dead hide beneath the streets of New York City, giving tiny heart attacks to the living above them. […]

5 Minutes With Take Me Out Girl, Monica Alcorano

The UK television show, Take Me Out, hosted by comedian, Paddy McGuinness, has been connecting single men and women since its season premier in 2010. It is based on the Australian dating show know as, Taken Out. The way it works is a single bachelor is confronted with the possibility of “taking out” one of […]

Seinfeld Reunion Teaser Brings Us New Hope

What was the point of the Super Bowl Seinfeld Reunion teaser commercial last night? We don’t care, so long as it means more Seinfeld via some outlet, whether it be on Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, or some other possibility that could currently be sitting on some network executives desk. […]

Size Matters When It Comes To Your Favorite Tech

For decades, the folks in white jackets (and some in off-white straight jackets) have been trying to understand the relationship between size and a happy customer. Well, according to most industry standards, size matters. In fact, I’d not hesitate to say that it matters a lot—under the right circumstances. The key to size is knowing […]

What is Jonathan Kite of 2 Broke Girls Thankful for?

Jonathan Kite is a one man party, boasting over 70 original impressions and dialects. Spending an evening with Kite’s standup comedy is like getting in a bar brawl with Vince Vaughn, chest wax with Seth Rogen, and eating a Big Mac with Robert Downey Jr. As successful as Kite’s standup is, where you may recognize […]

Hemlock Grove Review: A Netflix Series to Sink Your Teeth Into

(9 out of 10 Stars) I have a show which should not be missed. Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series. Netflix has gone all out with this one showing that they are serious about entering the race and becoming a channel to consider. Instead of being a warehouse of reruns and rare and hard […]