Tips for Scoring with the Ladies

To score with a sexy lady (or two), without much fuss or muss (a.k.a. cash bucket loads), you’ll need at least three things: 1. Clean, clear, and blemish free skin (she can see through your beard, so don’t try to hide it)- Ask Men 2. A ripped physique (a.k.a. free of any reference to the […]

Too Much or Not Enough Sex… That is Today’s Question

Being hump day and all, we figured it would be a good idea to pull out the topic of sex. Whether you are not getting enough, getting too much, or just want to enjoy what you are getting more… we’ve got you covered! One dudes secret behind scoring with a lot of women – BroBible […]

Quiz: What the Hell Do You Know About Women?

How much can a man love a woman? Well, you really can count the ways! With an 8-carat diamond, he loves her pretty good. A new Chevrolet Corvette, he loves her more than average, and with a used Cuisinart, well; he’s probably forgot her real name! However, don’t assume you can substitute true love with […]

Compact Car Sex!

*Warning: XXX Barbie action ahead! Compact car sex is great! However, there are a few problems with it, including being too narrow in the cockpit, navigating around an unwelcome shifter, and having only enough head room for a decapitated torso (unless you own a convertible). What’s an anxious couple supposed to do? Well, you could lean the seats […]

Kama Sutra for the Urban Man

The woman is instructed to crouch down on her heels, while the man enters her from behind while in a half-seated (or full-seated if you’re lazy) position. His job is to caress her body, including back, breasts, and thighs, while also kissing her tenderly. She controls the motion of this ocean by rocking back and […]

How to Approach Your Girl for Anal

A lot of guys want to ask their girl to try anal sex. However, few know how to do this successfully, and even fewer know how to go about it without causing a permanent red “X” to appear on her backside. If you really want to get somewhere with this request, don’t trust what your […]

She’s Got a Headache? 7 Reasons Why Sex is Good for Her (You)

Most men have come across the excuse, Not tonight; I’ve got a headache, at least once in their life. And if it’s not the old headache ploy, it’s menstrual cramps, a cold, or she’s just too damn tired/stressed. Well, we did some research, and have come up with seven reasons why these excuses are no […]

Turbo Charge Your Sex Drive with Vitamins and Herbs

Feed Your Ocean with Vitamins and Herbs You won’t be getting anywhere with the ladies unless you have enough ocean to feed into the motion. Size matters not if the tool is not working properly. This is a source of unhappiness in many men and why Viagra has become such a household word. But Viagra is […]

How to Get More Sex!

Yeah guys, we know your sweating, grunting… trying to put on the best show as possible for your lady. The problem is, it is not all about your performance. In many ways, your ability to properly sex a girl is what we like to call TFC, or you might remember it better as “Tender Fu**ing […]

7 Guys She Hates Having Sex With

Men like just about any kind of sex. Especially if it involves someone other than themselves. However, most women do not share this same enthusiasm. In fact, most women would prefer their little vibrating bunny if their only alternative was one of these seven jag-offs. 1. Mr. Sucks at Sex– You know who you are. Tongue […]