Bizarre Sex Fantasies

Most people think that bizarre fantasies are a sign of being abnormal, or a sexual deviant. However, as most studies show, most of these represent the brain’s mechanism for coping with stress, or curbing an overzealous sexual appetite. So, whether you’re into balls or dolls, your weirdness has now been justified. However, we’re talking about […]


Beyond Viagra and sex cereal, men have a new ally in the battle against ED. This is what 20 mg of Josh Groban may be able to do for you!

Too Much or Not Enough Sex… That is Today’s Question

Being hump day and all, we figured it would be a good idea to pull out the topic of sex. Whether you are not getting enough, getting too much, or just want to enjoy what you are getting more… we’ve got you covered! One dudes secret behind scoring with a lot of women – BroBible […]