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Awesome Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

Tonight there will be thousands of wine bottles opened, and champagne glasses tipped in celebration of the new year. When tomorrow roles around, many of us will need to make a trip to the liquor store to restock the small wine rack sitting on the counter. But there is another way. What if you could […]

Men, Drop Your Briefs And Impress More Women

To clarify, we’re not recommending that you drop your briefs on the street corner like Freddy Fairhair, but rather to drop them in the nearest trash receptacle and get yourself something a lot more fashionable—like a pair of designer boxers or boxer briefs. And if you think that boxers do not have much influence over […]

Wing Girl Marni Kinrys on How to Handle An Aggressive Woman

Women can be overly aggressive at times. A lot of guys take this as a hint to retreat and find some kinder seas from which to cast their hook. However, you should keep in mind that a lot of worthwhile women use this kind of aggressive banter as a means to designate if a guy […]

Bamford Rolex Milgauss Aftershock – Yeah, We’re A Little Shocked

No every guy is going to appreciate the artistic embellishments that have been added to this classic Milgauss watch by Rolex. However, if the original is known to be “instantly recognizable at a glance,” we suspect this version is going to be worth a lot of second and third glances. So, what happened to this […]

Winter Performance Coats for Guys Who Say No to Furry Marshmallows

We respect the ultra-warm, ultra-puffy, fur-collared parka and anorak. However, we are are not always big fans of the look. We could understand if a guy had no other choice if he wanted to keep warm in the urban landscape… but we know better. These are five performance coats to keep you warm without stealing […]

The Best Photos of 2014

This past year has burned a lot of powerful images onto our screens. Here are a few of the moments we’ll remember most as we close out the year and welcome a new one.                                      

Cool Home Offices – In Your Element

The key to a really great home office for some is to maintain a clean and organized atmosphere and simple set of tools from which to work from. However, we can see one problem here. These set-ups are missing the dirty, unorganized inspiration of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) world. Here are four solutions… windows, style, […]

2014 – Best of Urbasm

In retrospect, we’ve had a fantastic 2014. And before we move on to the new year, we’d like to highlight fifteen of our best moments from this past one.

Women We Love – Timeless Beauty

Age is a state of mind. It is a tool to demonstrate the amount of experience and confidence one has had the opportunity to accumulate. When a woman uses her time right, she understands that her beauty is an inward expression of the best moments of her life. If she can accumulate enough of these […]

Pamela Jean Noble on Hooters, 8-Pack Abs and Cocky Guys

According to Hooters International, Pamela Jean Noble is one of the top ten sexiest women in the world. She has been a prominent fitness model, actress, black belt in Taekwondo, host on PBS’s Hot Shots, a regular on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit, and a ring card girl for the MMA. Pamela has also been bestowed the BFM’s […]