Song Samples Hidden Behind the Greatest Chart-Topping Hits

The realization that a hit song could be used to recut a new hit song is not exactly brain science. And while some bands choose to fly under the cover, striking familiar chords to a new set of lyrics (i.e. Nirvana’s, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” versus Boston’s, “More Than a Feeling”), others choose what could […]

22 Hottest Sports Cars Of All Time

The key to defining a true sports car is realizing that everyone has their own set of parameters and guidelines. You must remember that horsepower does not always inherently equal sports car and a muscular appearance does not always designate the car for the purposes of ‘straight-line’ racing only. A sports car should be fun to […]

The Best Photos of 2014

This past year has burned a lot of powerful images onto our screens. Here are a few of the moments we’ll remember most as we close out the year and welcome a new one.                                      

The Greatest Battles in World History

202 B.C.- The Battle of Zama, Romans vs. Carthaginians For 60 years the Romans and Carthaginians fought for world domination. The Carthaginians were at a disadvantage with 15,000 fewer warriors than the superior forces of the Romans. To make-up for this weakness, Hannibal, the Carthaginian leader, devised a plan to set loose 80 elephants during […]