Shelby Cobra: A Hodgepodge that Became America’s Greatest Supercar

If you get hot while driving a Shelby Cobra, you go faster, if you need a cup holder, bring a friend; if you’re wondering if that left front tire seems a bit low, you’d better get out and check. And if you’re losing traction in the turns, well, then you’re just not driving it right. […]

4 Head-Turning Cars of 2017

When it comes to sleek and sexy cutting-edge vehicles, 2017 is sure to go down in history as a banner year. Whether you like a powerful sports car with plenty of horses under the hood, appreciate a gorgeous hybrid or are intrigued by the idea of a self-driving vehicle, this year has something for everyone: […]

22 Hottest Sports Cars Of All Time

The key to defining a true sports car is realizing that everyone has their own set of parameters and guidelines. You must remember that horsepower does not always inherently equal sports car and a muscular appearance does not always designate the car for the purposes of ‘straight-line’ racing only. A sports car should be fun to […]

Plumber Builds Supercar – Vencer Sarthe

In case you didn’t know, your plumber can probably do a heck of a lot more than snake toilets, install sinks, and fix a leaky faucet. However, we never expected a top of the line supercar to come out of one, but Steve Sutcliffe of Holland has proven us wrong. The true beauty behind this […]

Top 10 Supercars Built For Envy

A supercar should be extreme, advanced, amazing, and one of the fastest objects that has ever been placed on four wheels. Besides being just fast, I also think it is important that you are able to drive it whenever you want (street-legal), and we’re not talking about being pulled around by your chauffeur on a […]

10 Classic Ferrari’s Become the Most Valuable Auction at Over $65M

It does not happen everyday that a group of classic Ferrari’s worth a combined total of over $65 million dollars get together for a Bonhams auction. The ten Ferrari’s coming up for auction on August 15 used to be part of the Maranello Rosso Museum Collection, located in the Republic of San Marino, Italy. Each of […]

Manly Distractions – Cars of Luxury

Owning a car is more of a necessity than a luxury in some parts of the world. However, if you require more than just four wheels and a roof over your head, might we interest you in something a little more excessive, rare, dangerous, overpowering, and positively divine!

Soundtrack of 33 Exotic Car Engines Roaring to Life

Every great moment in life has to start somewhere, and when it comes to an exotic car, that beginning is the turn of a key (or push of a button). Enjoy the lovely symphony of 33 exotic cars coming to life, including a 1969 Jaguar E-Type, Lamborghini Aventador V12, Radical RXC, and Saleen S7.

Chris Brown’s P-51D Lamborghini Gallardo

Chris Brown introduced his Lamborghini Gallardo on his eighteenth birthday, as a web-slinging, blacktop-slaying spider-mobile. Without getting too comic book geeky, it was basically a blue Lambo stripped of its gray suede trim, replaced with “blood red” Alcantara (softer than suede), carbon-fiber inserts, embroidered spiders, Asanti 135 wheels, and a bumping Alpine system. Fast-forward through […]

Supercar Ski Bums by John Olson

Jon Olsson sets out to prove that just because you own a supercar, does not mean that you can’t enjoy the wintery heck out of it. Introducing the supercar ski bums of Jon Olsson.