How to Design a Great Office Interior

We all spend so many hours each week in our offices that it is so important they are a nice place to work. A great office interior can really make a huge difference in employee happiness and productivity so it is always worth taking the time to create an awesome space. Office interior design has […]

How to Organize Your Work While Working Remotely

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has come under the spotlight. Although it has been a buzzword even before the pandemic, today most companies can’t keep their business afloat without it. While some believe working remotely is the dream came true, for most managers it’s a nightmare. Why? Because it’s much more difficult to […]

Cool Home Offices – In Your Element

The key to a really great home office for some is to maintain a clean and organized atmosphere and simple set of tools from which to work from. However, we can see one problem here. These set-ups are missing the dirty, unorganized inspiration of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) world. Here are four solutions… windows, style, […]

Make Your Office Space a Fun Place – Webble Ergonomic Footrest

The last time we played with Weebles, it ended in a nap and a juice box. Well, things have not changed all that much, as this grown man’s Weeble Office Footrest is just as fun, and might actually help you to get some work accomplished—especially if you suffer from restless foot syndrome. The Weeble offers […]

Steelcase Gesture Chair for the Modern Businessman

While you have been toiling away in your old office chair, Steelcase has been busy conducting surveys to see how the modern businessman goes about his day in a single chair. What they discovered is that technology has vastly changed the way a chair needs to function. Long-story-short, there are at least nine different stances […]

Grovemade Premium Desk Collection

You spend over a quarter of your life at work, so you might as well make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is where the Grovemade Premium Desk Collection comes in. We’ve reviewed Grovemade products before, and allow me to reassure you that they are nothing short of high quality. This premium desk […]

From the Grand Prix to Your Home – The Pininfarina Xten Sport Office Chair

If you’re not going anywhere fast in your career, may we suggest you at least look like you are with this Pininfarina Xten Sport Office Chair. While this chair will not cost you a million dollars to own, the manufacturer, Pininfarina, spent over $1.5 M to create its sexy ergonomic frame. Some say this chair […]

Thriving on Cool Workspaces

A man thrives off of the things he loves, including his hobbies, passions, and women. In order to find this kind of enthusiasm where you work, you will need a dose of creativity, art, history, and intuition. In other words… you need to have style. Here are a few suggestions to turn your standard workspace […]

Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair – Because A Gentleman Needs A Place To Sit

A gentleman does not keep his ass’ets anywhere. In fact, there is not a finer place in the world to plant a classic rear end than this Charles and Ray Earnes Lounge Chair by Herman Miller. This is the very design that has brought inspiration to books, documentaries, and films, and it all began almost […]

7 Best Damn Home Office Setups

Working at home is not always as great as it could be, but with the right atmosphere, equipment, and décor, your overall outlook can certainly be improved. Whether your job is typing out address labels or dominating the stock market, these are the best damn digs to get the job done! (Photos via,, […]