Grovemade Laptop Stand

We own their watch, phone cover and their complete desk collection. And so far Grovemade has only left two things out that we can think of… a Trojan horse and a laptop stand. And it appears they’ve recently added a laptop stand into their collection. It is made from a beautiful natural mix of walnut, leather […]

Displair Makes Your Touchscreen Look like a Dinosaur

You’ve seen it on Star Trek, Tom Cruise made a movie out of it, and we’re pretty sure Mr. Wizard would approve. We’re talking about hologram technology, and it is not just in your future… it is already here. Displair is a unique computer product that works in a free-space environment. Rather than relying on […]

7 Best Damn Home Office Setups

Working at home is not always as great as it could be, but with the right atmosphere, equipment, and décor, your overall outlook can certainly be improved. Whether your job is typing out address labels or dominating the stock market, these are the best damn digs to get the job done! (Photos via,, […]