Live Large this Summer with Lounge Quality Backyard Patio Furniture

When you bring a bit of the outdoors inside (sunlight, plants, etc.) it gives any space texture and life that modern manmade decor could never equal. And while Mother Nature needs no styling tips from the likes of man, you can most definitely make your time in the outdoors more comfortable with the right outdoor […]

How to Design a Great Office Interior

We all spend so many hours each week in our offices that it is so important they are a nice place to work. A great office interior can really make a huge difference in employee happiness and productivity so it is always worth taking the time to create an awesome space. Office interior design has […]

Burrow Nomad Furniture May Outlast Armegedon and Cockroaches

Within the last 10 years, I have owned two leather couches, two leather rocking chairs, and a pair of vinyl theater seats that never had a chance. All-in-all, I figure I am down about $5,000. Not terrible, I know, but I expected more. All I want is a couch that will last me 10 years […]

The Transforming Table – A One of a Kind

We normally prefer to share cool things that a guy can actually purchase. However, this Grand Central transforming table was conceptualized by designers, Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren, built as a concept, toted around to various exhibits in Europe, and then left on the cutting room floor as far as plans to sell at any […]

Gentlemen Moto Lamps – for the Gearhead in Every Man

A ‘gearhead’ is not exactly a very gentlemanly term, but when it comes to a man’s fascination for anything on wheels, I think it’s okay to loosen our ties a bit. While the traditional automotive enthusiast will admire the lamp designs by Luc and Andre, Classified Moto has their own motorbike inspired lamps we’d like […]

Steelcase Gesture Chair for the Modern Businessman

While you have been toiling away in your old office chair, Steelcase has been busy conducting surveys to see how the modern businessman goes about his day in a single chair. What they discovered is that technology has vastly changed the way a chair needs to function. Long-story-short, there are at least nine different stances […]

Luc & Andre Spirit of 427 Wall Lamp

The Spirit of the infamous 429 Cobra lives on in the studios of Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski. And as of recently, it has also found its way onto some Gentleman’s wall–and why should he be having all the fun? The 427 Wall Lamp is a unique performance piece for your bachelor pad, which brings […]

From the Grand Prix to Your Home – The Pininfarina Xten Sport Office Chair

If you’re not going anywhere fast in your career, may we suggest you at least look like you are with this Pininfarina Xten Sport Office Chair. While this chair will not cost you a million dollars to own, the manufacturer, Pininfarina, spent over $1.5 M to create its sexy ergonomic frame. Some say this chair […]

Hanger 54 Ejector Seat Bar Stool

When you first take a glance at Hangar 54’s Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat bar stool, you might be thinking to yourself, Wow, those are a rather lovely recreation of the actual thing. And this is the part where we tell you that these are the original seats that came with an RAF […]

Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair – Because A Gentleman Needs A Place To Sit

A gentleman does not keep his ass’ets anywhere. In fact, there is not a finer place in the world to plant a classic rear end than this Charles and Ray Earnes Lounge Chair by Herman Miller. This is the very design that has brought inspiration to books, documentaries, and films, and it all began almost […]