Burrow Nomad Furniture May Outlast Armegedon and Cockroaches

Within the last 10 years, I have owned two leather couches, two leather rocking chairs, and a pair of vinyl theater seats that never had a chance. All-in-all, I figure I am down about $5,000. Not terrible, I know, but I expected more.

All I want is a couch that will last me 10 years on its own – and I think I just may have found it.

What all my other furniture had in common is it looked great in the beginning and then died a slow death of all-night binge TV marathons, pet naps, sunlight, spilled wine, more pets, and plenty of (sometimes unwelcome) overnight guests. The company, Burrow, has spent the last two years collecting these tales of whoa and building a furniture line that will outlast the tests of time, and it is called Nomad.

The style is classic, wood leg (walnut, oak, or black wood), and comes in your choice of scratch and stain resistant cloth (grey, red, ivory, blue, charcoal) or bullet-proof leather (chestnut or slate). I purchased their grey cloth 3-seat sofa back during its introduction, and so far, despite me and my pets desperate attempts at otherwise, it still looks like new.

Sometimes furniture is meant to be looked like, sometimes it is made to be used, but with Nomad, you just may get both for your money.

Check them out at the Burrow House.

About Pamela Causfield

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