How to Design a Great Office Interior

We all spend so many hours each week in our offices that it is so important they are a nice place to work. A great office interior can really make a huge difference in employee happiness and productivity so it is always worth taking the time to create an awesome space. Office interior design has come a long way since employees were given a computer and a cubicle and expected to work like robots. Nowadays, designing the perfect workspace for your employees is all about identifying their needs and utilizing every inch of space.

To help you make the most out of your space and create a positive working environment for your team, here are our tips for designing a great office interior.

1. Think about the Lighting Setup

The first thing you need to do to design a great office interior is to think about the lighting. Being stuck in artificial lighting all day, especially when most of that time is spent staring at a computer, can cause serious problems for your employees like headaches, migraines, sore eyes, and fatigue. Many offices just install high-powered white strip lights because they provide the most illumination but it is far better to take advantage of natural light. 

Leave the windows unobstructed or fit some simple wooden or metal slat blinds which can be easily rolled up. Natural light will not only make your office look bigger and more stylish, but it will also improve productivity amongst your employees because they won’t have any of the problems artificial light can cause.

2. Create a Pleasant Environment

As well as letting in as much natural light as possible, you also need to allow in as much air as you can. Good ventilation is crucial for creating a pleasant office for your employees so that they can do their jobs in comfort. Air conditioners and HVAC equipment can be used if you are in the middle of the city and there is a lot of pollution, but wherever possible, it is better to open up the windows to let the office air out. If the weather just doesn’t allow for this because it’s hot or cold outside, try ventilating the office during closing hours to refresh the air for when your employees come into work. If the office is on a high floor or in a well-secured building, you can leave the windows open overnight to really ventilate the whole space.

3. Create the Perfect Furniture Layout 

Once you have taken care of the environment, the next thing you will want to look at is the actual furniture and its layout. The days of just setting up your workforce in single-person cubicles with a desk, chair and computer, are thankfully long gone. Modern employees expect and deserve to be comfortable while they are at work, and the enthusiasts at explain that this requires buying the right office furniture and setting it up in a way that suits your company’s operating style. If your employees tend to work on solo projects, that could mean setting up individual ergonomic chairs and desks with additional communal areas for group brainstorming or socializing.

If a lot of your business’s work is done in teams, however, you will want to design an office interior that is dedicated to collaboration. This doesn’t just mean setting up a conference table with a few chairs and a flat-screen. You need to look at the space holistically and give your employees the opportunity to work comfortably together and share ideas.

4. Add Some Indoor Plants

When designing your office interior you need to always be thinking about how each element can increase employee comfort and productivity but that doesn’t mean it should be a sterile, overly-practical space. Adding some indoor plants is a really easy way to make an office more comfortable and create a more breathable atmosphere.

Plants come in interesting shapes, sizes, and colors and can really break up the monotony of even the dullest office design. The best plants for offices are ferns and succulents because they don’t need much care or attention. Particularly when everyone is busy, or you have a workforce without a green finger between them, the easier the plants are to care for, the better.

Designing a great office interior means balancing style with function to create a space that both looks great and will enable your employees to flourish. The people who work for your businesses are its biggest assets so it is crucial that you provide them with a work environment which they can look forward to coming to each day. Follow these five design tips and you will be able to create something a little special.

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