The Indestructible MOS Cable Vs. The Urbasm Sumo Team

We’re tough on our computer gadgets around the Urbasm headquarters. Our motto is—if we need to treat something delicately, it better also come with a crystal chandelier. The MOS cable system is a relatively new option for all your devices, including those that require a standard micro USB, Lightning cable, or standard audio auxiliary plug. […]

Fitness Tech You Need To Know

We’ve been considering upgrading our gym wardrobe for the holiday season. Because to tell the truth, many of us still own those neon short-shorts with the white stripes on the sides, along with the matching neon tank tops. But rather than working to make the fashion statement of ‘looking sporty’, we’d rather our fashion work […]

Homestar Planetarium Pro Brings Romance to Your Bachelor Pad

How many stars have you counted outside your urban balcony during the late evening hours? Probably not a lot when you consider the glare of the city skyline competing against their splendor. The opportunity to sit underneath a star lit sky is a dying tradition among young Romeo’s and dudes that like to relax and […]

Titan Zeus 370-inch 4K TV

Based on some recent research by a couple guys in lap coats stationed outside a bar in a motor home, we can assume that your manhood may not be as big as you would like. Well, we’ve got the perfect home accessory to make up for it, and it does not consist of four wheels. […]

Kero – Get Control Over Your Tech

I’m the kind of guy that is so focused on adding the next tech toy to my collection, that I rarely consider the problem of introducing yet another set of cables into my already over-cabled life. I’ve got so many cables floating around in drawers and closets, I am fairly certain that some of them […]

Manly Distractions – Retro-Tech Stereos

Vinyl is the real deal. I’ve always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album. And it’s not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.” -Jack White   Check out More Awesome Retro Tech Here.

Nod – Hand Remote Control For All Bluetooth Devices

As we get closer to a future that involves using only our hands to connect to all our devices; we now at least have, Nod, to tide us over until it finally comes. As you can see from the above photo, this is a simple ring that fits on your finger, and then enables you […]

Naim Muso Makes Art Out Of Wireless Sound Technology

The design of the Muso is distinctly Bentley, and the technology is absolutely brilliant. Introducing the most beautiful piece of wireless equipment your home or bachelor pad has probably ever seen. Naim is a high-end audio specialist from UK, who is renowned for their speaker technology found in the luxury car brand—Bentley. The Naim Muso […]

Using Siri To Get A Date

The Future of Technology – Six Years From Now

It has been said that in all our technological glory, we only know five percent of what we will know in the next 50 years. In other words, 50 years from now–95 percent of what we will know, will have been discovered over that last 50 years. This kind of makes you wonder where we will […]