Atomic Powered Pre-Amplifier for Your Home Theater

The word “atomic” brings visions of mushroom clouds, mass devastation, and now, a pre-amp that sounds as if it could blow the underwear off your date. Unfortunately (and fortunately), this pre-amp is not really nuclear powered, hence, the missing yellow warning label. The Rubicon rubidium-powered atomic pre-amp has been designed with a rubidium atomic clock, so that […]

Finder RFID Locator for Your Smart Phone

Technology is constantly looking for solutions to big problems. However, some of our most favorite tech toys, are the ones that have been designed to replace an aging gadget which has grown a bit moldy behind the ears. The “clapper” and “whistler” key finders were awesome back in the day when a Mr. Professor calculator […]

Tattoos that ‘Ring’ with Your Smartphone

The cell phone company, Nokia, has invented a technology that allows a tattoo to ‘ring’ (more like a tingle or itch) whenever someone calls or sends a notification. The technology involves magnetized tattoo ink, which means your existing tatt probably won’t work, unless you add onto it with some of the magnetized stuff. The ink works in conjunction with your […]

Displair Makes Your Touchscreen Look like a Dinosaur

You’ve seen it on Star Trek, Tom Cruise made a movie out of it, and we’re pretty sure Mr. Wizard would approve. We’re talking about hologram technology, and it is not just in your future… it is already here. Displair is a unique computer product that works in a free-space environment. Rather than relying on […]

Why in the Hell You Need a Smart Watch?

Technology is advancing at a lightning pace. At least we hope it is advancing, and not just creating a lazier race of people. At this very moment, there are more gimmicks and gadgets than you could shake a laser wand at. However, while a smart watch may at first seem like just another retro-tech fad […]

Best of Retro-Tech Inventions

While the technology of today may be functionally superior to anything we’ve ever experienced; there is something about the retro designs of yesterday that offered a warm inviting touch. You see, today’s machines are all about ergonomics, compact size, and functionality. There is not a whole lot of attention to pizzazz,  flash, and beauty. If you’re […]

The Best of Kickstarter

Back in days before social media was just a thumb twitch away, getting your ideas out to the right people meant hours of planning, cold calling, presentations, meetings, condemning your first born to a Chinese slave, and finally receiving a check for $5 from your grandma. To date, Kickstarter has helped fund over $274 million […]

Say Hello to iArm

Possibly the greatest thing since… ok, sliced bread. The new iArm will revolutionize the way you go about your life. What you are looking at is a man’s dream come true. It is a third arm… which actually thinks a lot like you do. Imagine fishing, drinking a beer, and watching Jaws for the hundredth […]

Samsung Vacuum/Digital Amp Wireless Audio System

Proprietary hardware for your music playing devices is a bitch! This one is designed for the iPod, that one is specialized for Windows… it’s enough to make a guy want to just buy a Blackberry 10 and be done with it. Well, Samsung has heard your grumbling, and they have released an audio dock that […]

Remember the Blackberry? It’s Back!

In case you may have misplaced their name and number in your iPhone or Android, Blackberry is still around, and the CMO, Frank Boulben, continues to promise the release of six new Blackberry L-series devices before the end of the new year. We don’t know quite what to expect of RIM’s new software, but we […]